Post Overalls

Takeshi Ohfuchi has been perfecting American vintage reproductions with Post Overalls/Post O’alls since 1993, and has been making every single garment in the USA since then as well. I stumbled upon the brand a few years ago and it instantly caught my eye. The fabric choices, the pocketing, the boxy fits, and the construction – everything was done perfect, but also done different. Needless to say, I’ve wanted to obtain a few Post Overalls pieces for sometime now. But with their US stocklists being few & far between, I waited until I went to New York so I could actually try some on and further convince myself it was a good decision.

Mattalini Overcoat

  • Made in USA
  • 100% Wool Outer
  • Quilted interior
  • Internal pocket
  • Two eternal pockets (one with side-entry)
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Contrasting bartack’d stress points

Cruzer Vest

  • Made in USA
  • 100% indigo wool outer
  • Quilted interior
  • Cinch-back
  • Exterior pockets with pen slots
  • Button front

I was really stoked to pick these two garments up, and I’m sure they’ll be around for awhile. With the upcoming colder months (it gets pretty chilly here in the south) they’ll be getting tons of wear. Big shout out to Takeshi for the invitation to the sample sale, and for designing one hell of a brand.


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20 responses to “Post Overalls

  1. Joe

    First off, great blog: stumbled upon it somehow and have been going through the back-posts to get it all. Great format, great content. Dig it.
    Just curious if you have any leads on that jacket. Post Overalls are damn hard to find which is good if you can find it, helps cut down on the overlap. (And don’t worry, I’m in the NW)

    Keep it up, again just plain appreciate the thought that goes into your posts.

    • Joe,

      Thanks for the kind words man! I feel like I’ve progressed so much, so don’t judge my older stuff – the photos suck. I tried to keep it simple, and easily on the eyes. The jacket was a sample, but if you look on eBay there are some nice Post jackets available for good deals. Check your e-mail, I just sent you some links.

      Context Clothing has some Post O’Alls. That is honestly the only American stocklist that has product listed online that I am aware of. I just reached out to Smith + Butler to see if they are still carrying Post, as it is listed in their stocklist.

      • Joe

        You are the man. I really appreciate the looking out. Keep up to the good works; dig the whole blog. Take it easy.

  2. ashleytypes

    Two sweet picks, I dig that your clothes are made in the U.S.A. Great post, and the last picture is wonderful.

  3. mat

    looks really sweet, i imagine from the photos that is a really warm jacket too? does it really get that cold down south though? it’s currently about 40 degrees where i am

  4. That vest is absolutely ridiculous. Wow. A bit pricy… maybe next year, the holiday shopping list seeming to have no end. Sorry I missed you in NYC, around you still coming down in January? I didn’t even get to visit the Pop Up, got caught up in the middle of a move and haven’t had time to do much of anything. Just catching up on the site now, you’ve got some great recent finds I see!

  5. Ellis

    Love the Mattalini Overcoat Ryan, nice work keep it up.

  6. Eric F

    Sample sale? Please torture us by telling us about the prices, then tell us how to get on the list for the next one…

    • It was still quite expensive. I think it would be the wholesale price. The jacket was $180, and the vest was $120. As far as the other question, I am not sure. I had been in touch with Takeshi before and told him I was going to NYC – it was just good luck. Haha

  7. I’m a sucker for diamond quilting. That jacket is beautiful.

  8. Carl

    I love these PO quilted jackets. I’d like to get one as soon as they’re released again.
    Yesterday I ordered a couple of Post Overall’s in XL, the Engineers jacket and also the Cruzer. Should have them in a week or so. These are unlined but I still thought the XL would be a good choice. The Engineers is a dull green with khaki thread and the Cruzer is cotton navy twill with OD green thread. I probably could have sized down to a Large but I think the PO cut really works well when worn in a full cut.

    BTW, here’s a shed load of fit pics:

    • Carl,

      Thanks for sharing these dude! What an amazing Post collection those dudes have. That’s unreal! Where’d you pick those two pieces up from? Hopefully not Japan! If so, that must of been extremely spendy!

    • Carl,

      Thanks for sharing these dude! What an amazing Post collection those dudes have. That’s unreal! Where’d you pick those two pieces up from? Hopefully not Japan! If so, that must of been extremely spendy!

  9. Carl

    Yeah, that Lightbulb Japan store has the goods. I picked mine POs up online at the Stockroom up in Canada. Gotta a green L Cruzer too, just on a whim a few minutes ago. Things are on sale so it’s all like a hundred bucks off retail. Not bad….here’s the link to the sale:

  10. Carl

    The sale I mentioned above has just ended, BTW…. So the prices now are back up a hundred bucks from what they were over the weekend.

  11. Love these two pieces, looks great on you Ryan.

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