What I’m Wearing – 12/13/2011

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Jacket: Woolrich Woolen Mools Khaki Sateen Parka

Vest: Post Overalls Cruzer

Shirt: Engineered Garments Work Shirt

Pants: Left Field NYC Ducks

Boots: Redwing 8131 Moc-Toe


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2 responses to “What I’m Wearing – 12/13/2011

  1. Im interested in the fit and sizing of the post overalls vest. Can you provide some commentary, what size are you and what did you buy etc and which site did you go through. Ive contempated on this vest along time but its really expensive so i gotta get the size right first time.
    Thanks John.

    • John,

      Sure – I’ll do my best. I’ll start off by saying I do not buy anything in my actual size, because I do not fitted clothes. I am a true large, but wear x-large in everything. Both garments are x-large and they fit loose (which is what I wanted them to fit like)

      I’m 6’2, and 190. Hope that helps! I would definitely recommend trying Post Overalls on in person, it makes it impossible to not want to buy it.

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