What I’m Wearing – 12/18/2011

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Shirt: Engineered Garments Workshirt – Multi Plaid

Jacket: Engineered Garments Fireman Coat – Blue Corduroy

Jeans: Tellason Ankara – 14.75oz @ 5 months

Shoes: Redwing 8105 Work Oxford


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16 responses to “What I’m Wearing – 12/18/2011

  1. Ordered one of those knits, mad comfortable.

  2. keith

    nice. i was wondering how you like the tellasons? i would like to get a pair but i am torn between the ankara or the john graham mellor slim. there is no where to try that brand on in new mexico. i have a medium build, 5’10” and 105lbs. I have a few lbs. to lose but not a lot. i have rather large thighs, any opinions man?

    • Keith,

      Did you typo on 105lbs? If you meant 205 – I’d go with the Ankara straight. It’s a flattering fit for anyone. I’m about 195-200 and I wear a 34. The thighs are spacious which is why I went with them over my previous Mellor fit. Shoot me an email – lets talk.

    • I’m with Ryan. I’ve rocked three different pairs of Mellors now – in three different sizes, no less – and the continual issue for me is the thighs. I’m 6′ 3″ with about a 36.5″ actual waist. I wear a 32-33 for jeans since I get the lower cut variety (9″ front rise), but even with a 33 in the Mellors the thighs are a bit snugger (at 11″) than I’d like whenever I sit down. I’m thinking Ankara for the future for myself, and if your thighs are larger than 11″ I’d consider the same.

      Talk with Ryan or hit up Tony at Tellason and he can send you their size charts for the Mellor and Ankara.

      • I switched to the Ankara’s just because I wanted a more “vintage-ish” fit. I love the fit and the higher rise. No worries of plumbers crack anymore, and the thighs are much more spacious. I’m normally a 36, but went 34 in the Ankara’s and they fit perfect. If you were having issues with the thigh sizing on Mellors, I think the Ankara’s are guaranteed to fit you the way you want. Also, the new fabric is amazing & fades great. I’m at five months and they’ll look awesome after a wash. I’m trying to go a year in them though.

  3. Justin

    How do you wear all those clothes when its 75 in Tampa everyday?

  4. I need to get me that EG workshirt, if I can find it at the nice price.

  5. Carl

    Is that jacket an XL? I think we’re around the same size. I love the Engineered Garments jackets. I’m 5’11 and 200 lbs and I ordered an XL in the Engineers jacket because the shoulders seem on the small side and I like the fuller cut.

    Good pics, good blog. Thanks man.

    • Carl,

      Yea. I wear XL in everything I own. I really size up 1, but I just don’t like anything fitted. You should be good. I’m 6’1 and about 200 as well. Really jealous, enjoy the jacket – I’m sure it will look great. Which fabric did you get it in?

      Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Carl

    ^ Oops! Wrong manufacturer…Sorry. I meant Post Overalls!

  7. Carl

    You’re welcome. I’ll post on your Post overall’s thread.

  8. Justin

    Thought about you today when i threw on the heaviest coat i could find in my closet this morning to walk the dog. Coldest i have ever seen it in Orlando in 5 years of living here.

  9. James

    For posterity I’m updating to say I just received a pair of Ankaras in 32 and can safely say that my thigh issues are solved. They’re fully comfortable. The inseam is not long enough to turn the hem up as I do with the Mellors, due to the higher rise and the cold rinse they gave the pair I imagine, but theyre still long enough for my leggy 6’3″ stature.

    Ankara’s the way to go if you’ve got larger than an 11″ thigh.

  10. Not to keep attacking this post, but check the back right pocket of your Tellasons – you should find a little gag from Tony and Pete.

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