Ebbet’s Field Caps for Simple Threads

Ever since I picked up my Imogene + Willie Ebbet’s ball cap, I’ve wanted to do a small run of caps for Simple Threads. About six weeks ago I decided on a color pattern and materials and worked with Ebbets to make it a reality. The upper is a mid-weight grey wool, with a cardinal wool brim, eyelets, and top button. I wanted to keep the green satin visor to keep them traditional. Ebbet’s has been making authentic caps and jerseys since 1987, using the same materials that were used to originally make them. Everything they produce is made in their small Seattle factory with extreme attention to detail. These turned out exactly how I thought they would, if not better. There’s 24 caps in all, and I’ll have them up for sale soon. I hope you guys dig them.



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15 responses to “Ebbet’s Field Caps for Simple Threads

  1. Jason

    Awesome. Count me in for a Medium / 7 3/8″!

  2. Phil.

    This is a beautiful colourway. Congrats on the colab, you should be very proud of this little baby.

  3. Michael

    Ditto on Jason’s comment. Can’t wait!

  4. Matt Potter

    I WANT ONE ….

  5. Uwe


    do not know what sizes you have but count me in for a L or XL


  6. I would love to purchase one. How much are they?

  7. mat

    really like the colour combo and the materials. bet you’re proud

  8. seanissey

    got mine last week from ryan.. you guys will not be let down.

  9. Colin

    would love this if there’s any chance in getting a size 8!

  10. James


    I’m a bit confused, as an owner of several Ebbet’s caps I have found the size 8 fits the same as a 7 7/8’s New Era… That being said, I have sent several Ebbet’s caps back due to inconsistent sizing. Some too small, some too large in both 7 7/8’s and 8. Either way, I would be willing to take the chance on your cap. Any chance of a peek at the new colorway?

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