Red Wing 8881

Well, someone please quote me on this: this is my last pair of Red Wing’s. Over the holidays, I treated myself to a pair of the 8881 Moc-toes. This model comes in a olive mohave rough-out leather. I wanted some olive drab-ish boots, and now I’ve got them. These are really great if you’re trying to switch it up from the “typical” Moc-toes. Traditional crepe sole, triple-stitch construction, Goodyear welted, and made in Red Wing, MN. 100+ years of making footwear doesn’t lie.


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14 responses to “Red Wing 8881

  1. Brian

    Mix it up a little bit. Your style is becoming stagnant. I’m all for wearing what you dig, but how many Red Wing moc toe boots can you have before your American Heritage/Lumberjack look becomes a uniform? That being said I enjoy your blog.

    • Brian,

      I don’t really think of this blog as a “style blog” – it’s more just product shots of stuff I like. I’ve been extremely busy and did want to shoot some photos of these today, so I did just that. I appreciate the kind words, but at the end of the day – it is my blog, and no one is forcing you to read it.

      Have a happy new year.

      • ghastlybusinessSean

        Wear a uniform. If you dig it, that’s all that matters.

      • David S.

        So maybe, “maybe” being the operative word, you have too many Red Wings. Who cares? They are your shoes and if you like them that’s all that matters. If liking something that is timeless is stagnant then stagnate away brother. I dig the shoes. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    • Mike

      If you’re looking for info on the latest trends or newest products in men’s style, there are some great online sources for that. In my short time reading Simple Threads, I’ve realized that this isn’t one of those sources. Rather, it’s one man sharing the clothes and footwear that he personally buys and enjoys. There is some overlap with the products and manufactures that I appreciate and Ryan is knowledgeable about those things, so that’s what keeps me coming back. Does he have a uniform? Maybe. But he’s not trying to do anything except look like himself.

      • Mike,

        That was really well said, thanks. I dress pretty standard daily because that’s just what I feel comfortable in. I’m not trying to peacock people with vibrant ties, or purple shoes. I’m just trying to be myself, and cover nice, American made products.

  2. Thomas

    I just sent those back today! I was looking for some new boots since I made a bit of extra money selling some old clothes and ordered those from amazon but the color was just too olive for me.

    I think some muleskinner Iron Rangers or 6′ Moc Toe boots are gonne be my replacements. Hardly relevant to the post but I laughed a little bit when I saw these on the blog. Have a happy new years and I’m glad you can pull em off (I can’t)!

  3. Brian

    I agree. Be yourself.
    Happy New Year to you as well.

  4. Brandon

    I just picked these up two days ago, very stoked on wearing them and breaking them in.

  5. I find this site and Ryan’s contributions very fitting with what not only he is about but what he enjoys to wear and is passionate about, that is evident with his approach. I also see from what I have picked up that your style is in fitting with your surrounding and residence, that maybe sub concious, all the same a testament that you a re not following trends or making a statement, merely showing your appreciation of the excellent quality of garments that you love.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jabel – Offhand

  6. Donna

    can one really have too many pairs of Red Wings?

    I am going to break away from my 952’s and try these out. I do, however, wonder how they will hold up to real farm work (i.e. cow shit and lots of it). I’d like to try a different Red Wing besides my 952’s and Pecos pull-on boots (also Red Wings).

    Take care and happy New Year. Continuing to love the blog.


  7. You’re the man. Appreciate the artistic photo angles, materials and style. Inspiration. That said – I love the boots.

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