RRL “Lewis” Engineer Jacket

I was glad to finally be able to give this to the lady for the holidays! A reproduction of an old denim Engineer jacket with awesome details done up by RRL. Constructed out of what seems to be Cone Mills denim, with numerous fabric repairs that our patched with contrasting denim. Non-visible blue-line selvedge details on the inner placket & pockets. Reinforced canvas lining on all of the pockets, and a really awesome side-entry pocket watch pocket. Since this is a women’s jacket, they used a pink thread for the bar-tracking and chain stitching. A really nice vintage inspired piece, made in San Francisco and dead-on accurate. The repairs at the arm openings hint that it got caught in machinery and ripped.



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6 responses to “RRL “Lewis” Engineer Jacket

  1. Lovely Jacket. Awesome photos, like usual.

  2. David S.

    I’m generally not a fan of “distressed” clothing sold in stores. Rarely is the distressing believable and it just looks like you bought it that way. I like breaking in things on my own. That said, Ralph Lauren does distressing right. If I hadn’t read the title of the post and just saw the pictures I would have believed this was a vintage find (with the exception of the Ralph Lauren buttons). This is cool. Where did you pick it up?

  3. megalarge

    wow! really nice!

  4. Ebud

    Man, that is one beauty of a jacket. Did you pick it up on your trip up north or find it down here local? I hit the RL stores down here the day after xmas and there was a LOT of women’s RRL over here in Orlando to be found. That was a heck of a present.

  5. She Really Looks Nice In The Jacket! Perfect!!

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