What I’m Wearing – 1/17/2012

As the winter (well, the Florida winter) weather starts coming in, layering is actually an option. I’m stoked on this, and I really haven’t went a day without wearing this Post O’alls vest.

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Vest: Post Overalls Cruzer

Shirt: Woolrich Woolen Mills

Pants: Left Field NYC Wheat Canvas Chinos

Boots: Redwing 8881


Filed under Columbiaknit, Left Field NYC, Made in USA, Post Overalls, What I'm wearing, Woolrich Woolen Mills

6 responses to “What I’m Wearing – 1/17/2012

  1. Rob

    wow, really nice shirt and vest. was near 60 here today, can’t wear new winter purchases, argh!

  2. Ted

    Hey bro, you made the beanie look so cool that i went to the columbiaknit site and bought 10 of then because they had a deal going on! Just wanted to say thanks!

  3. mat

    how wintery are we talking? the vest looks sweet chap

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