In Detail – 01/25/2012

Alright, time to switch it up a bit. I wanted the photos of me actually wearing stuff to be more detailed, so I’ll be going in that direction from this day forward. Details are so important, and my aesthetic is based primarily off of them, functionality, and just being comfortable.

Hat: Ebbets Field (New color way in the works)

Jacket: Woolrich Woolen Mills (Daiki Era) Khaki Poplin Parka

Shirt: Engineered Garments Chambray Work Shirt

Pants:  Rogue Territory Indigo Work Trousers

Shoes: New Balance 992

Bag: Filson Zipper Tote


Filed under Ebbet's Field Flannels, Engineered Garments, Filson, Made in USA, Outerwear, Rogue Territory, Tanner Goods, Woolrich Woolen Mills

15 responses to “In Detail – 01/25/2012

  1. Josh

    Sweet hat bra!!

  2. I’m loving the cap, Ryan! (Any more left?) And those New Balance- very nice choice.

  3. Benny

    Looks like u really really need to watch the movie Crazy Stupid Love!! Fit seems way too big, but to each his own….

  4. Love the blog! I just wonder what you do for a living because you sure spend a ton on your gear!

  5. Crazy Stupid Love? Good one…

    Class gear, especially the trousers!

    • Benny

      Crazy Stupid Love was in reference to the new balance shoes and how only Steve jobs is allowed to wear them cuz they’re hideous & how big the fit is. I agree the clothing is quality tho, no argument there

  6. Diggin that red button on the EG shirt. Good call on the details.

  7. gabe

    Fit is spot on… relaxed and comfortable. The japanese often fit in this way and it makes perfect sense. And why not? More movement and more of the fine fabrics that these garment are made of.
    I’m buying a zipper tote today. Those bags are great and at 140 retail, they can not be beat.

  8. kidmiracleshitter

    two writing utensils is ok

  9. mat

    would love one of your caps chap

  10. Michael

    What does that leather strap in picture 6 coming from? Is that part of the work trousers?

  11. Brandon

    very nice picture! can you tell me what camera and lens you use? thanks

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