Incase anything seems different…

Sorry for the lapse of content. Starting now, I’ll be shooting everything for simplethreads with a full frame camera. I’m really excited about this because I really think the amount of detail I’m able to capture with this camera far surpasses my D20o. Here’s some test shots, and this new body has me super excited to shoot new stuff.


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18 responses to “Incase anything seems different…

  1. Ryan: Absolutely tremendous photos…especially the one of your dog.

  2. Great photos! Is this a Nikon too?

  3. Jealous! I’d love to have a full-framer but I can’t quite justify the expense yet. Yet…
    Nice shots. Can’t wait to see some more output.

  4. What camera did you upgrade too? I’m on the fence thinking of switching from Canon to Nikon….and it’s driving me crazy. Already shoot full frame, so would never go back!

  5. Luke H

    The D200 makes some of the best color right out of the camera of any I’ve used. That’s why I haven’t yet upgraded mine to a D700 or whatnot. Well, and because nobody is paying me to take photos, mind you. You’ll get more control of shallow depth of field and a wider view thanks to more sensor real estate as well as better coverage for wide angles. However, the cropped sensors have the ability to make wildlife photography or sports photography a bit cheaper given that they make a lens seem .5x zoomed in from ‘normal’ 35mm ones. 35mm framing is probably the best compromise of all formats I’ve used. Portable, easy to control both shallow and deep depth of field, and the quality is plenty good to print poster sized stuff if you have to. Shooting medium format or large format, shallow DOF becomes problematic rather than pleasant. Oskar Barnack was a genius when he fathered the 35mm frame. The rectangle is near the golden ratio of 1:1.6 so I find it pretty pleasing to look at uncropped photos. I prefer the 35mm rectangle crop to the square of medium format or the window pane 4″x5″, 8″x10″ of large format.

  6. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

  7. Is that a vintage Swingline stapler? U.S.A. made? I wish those were still made here. They always had some cool looking pieces.

  8. I saw some of these pics on Tumblr feed. I thought “that dog looks familiar.” Anyway– looks great.

  9. Hey There-
    I really love the look of the shots. They are vibrant and “real”. And, you can see a great amount of detail. What type of camera is it?

  10. mat

    sounds like a good plan. everything is looking good and yours is seriously one of my fav blogs these days. been showing a few people it this week too so you have made it over the pond for sure

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