In Detail – 2/8/2012

So, it’s pretty obvious that this Engineered Garments work shirt is my go-to, especially this chambray one. Extremely wearable and simple. I seem to always be wearing it on the days I decide to snap some photos for the blog. But seriously, best shirt ever. You will get your money worth and then some. Wash after wash, it just gets better and better. The jacket is a few seasons old, but one of my favorite Woolrich Woolen Pieces that I’ve wanted to track down and finally found for a steal. The fabric on it is a coated ripstop, that is awesome for two reasons: it’s water proof, and it takes on some really great wear patterns due to the rigidness of it. I really dig the stitching on the collar. The reason behind it is to keep the collar sturdy and allow you to flip it up for years to come. The pants are Engineered Garments, and the boots are my Red Wing 8881’s that have finally made it past the break-in period. I’m just noticing how much I’ve been into olive drab lately… but that’s another story. This whole full frame thing is new, and I’m trying my best to get used to it.


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8 responses to “In Detail – 2/8/2012

  1. Thanks for the tip about Engineered Garments. There is a shop and website in Belfast, ‘Bureau’ that sells their shirts in the UK.
    I bet the shirts last for years. It’s going on my wish list.

  2. kidmiracleshitter

    That’s solid. 2000-2002 were my olive drab years.

  3. Jorge

    Thats a great looking shirt… Keep up the fantastic pics!

  4. mat

    quite a recommendation on the shirt front, it’s sounding very appealing to me to be honest. images are looking great man. what kind of dog is that? it’s pretty unusual

  5. That jacket is right on the money. Good looks.

  6. Great fit – I realise I’m heading backward through your posts – but I wanted to ask about the Woolrich Jacket? What model is that?
    As for the EG Workshirt…I’ll be picking one up ASAP.

    • You won’t regret it. Best shirt I own. It’s a Woolrich Woolen Mills field jacket in black ripstop.

      • Thanks.
        Much like you – I’ll be looking for that coat for this winter – although I don’t imagine it’ll be easy to find now.
        I did buy the EG Workshirt – the Bureau (Belfast) commissioned one.
        It’s has all white detailing, and Its being worn almost daily, coupled with a Buzz Rickson HBT field jacket (great pairing).
        Thanks again for the tips – let me know if you see another one of the woolrich jackets anywhere?! 🙂

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