This Week – Vol. 1

This 5D has been wonderful. I’m still learning how to use it and take the best photos, but I’m going to start posting some snaps I took throughout the week on here. It’s been a busy week with work, and also getting everything lined up for the next run of Ebbets’ caps. They’ll be in production next week, and ready to ship out in about five weeks after that. I felt really bad that I ran out of a lot of sizes last time, so if you want sizes that are smaller than 7 1/8 or larger than 7 5/8 – please let me know! I’ll get your size made for you. Have an awesome weekend, and hopefully this sparks some inspiration.



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7 responses to “This Week – Vol. 1

  1. Josh

    Love my ST hat!! What are you guys doing tonight?

  2. Can I get a 7 3/4? Do you ship to Germany?

  3. Left Field tweed denim… I had the chance to buy them more than once, and I sort of keep regretting not getting them


  4. Katy

    hello – I am wondering where you got that amazing dog collar and leash? Can you please let me know where I might be able to buy it? thanks! Katy

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