In Detail – 2/15/2012

There’s just some brands that work so well together, and Post Overalls and Engineered Garments always works. I think it’s more so the sizing matching up properly since both Daiki and Takeshi design their garments rather unfitting. Since I’ve been back from New York I just can’t go two days without throwing the Post vest on. I’m giving my Tellasons a breather and starting to break in these Rogue Territory Stantons, done up in 15oz Cone Mills red-line denim.



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9 responses to “In Detail – 2/15/2012

  1. I adore your blog. Though I’m a female living in Canada, I still covet every article of clothing you mention on here. Super awesome taste and styling. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. David

    I love the details of the shirt and vest. They are subtle but scream quality (e.g., bar tacking on vest pockets). The colors are so rich too. Is the shirt made from 2-ply Japanese cotton?

  3. Been stomping around Brno in the same boots. Definitely my favorite Red Wing cut as they aren’t as bulky as the moc toe versions.

  4. keith

    how are those stantons feeling? what is the rise on them? i love the feather.

    • Keith,

      They’re awesome. Always good to rotate between two pairs of denim. The fit is a bit different than my Tellason’s, and although I miss the higher rise from the Tellasons – I still enjoy the RT’s. The denim is super heavy, so they should look pretty good in a few months. Thanks for the support!

  5. Great site! Love the detail photos.
    Which Redwings are those? I am looking to replace my old favorites and those are spot on.

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