Up close: Engineered Garments Workshirts

Without a doubt, the Engineered Garments Workshirt is my favorite item in my wardrobe. A modern reproduction of a Big Yank Workshirt done up by Daiki Suzuki for Engineered Garments. The Workshirt has been a staple in the Engineered Garments line since Spring of 2000 and gets done up in different fabrics season to season. The construction that goes into these shirts assures they’ll stand the test of time. And with the amazing fabrics EG uses, they’ll just get better after every wear.

What makes them awesome:

  • The collar has reinforced stitching to make give it more substance so that it keeps it shape.
  • Almost every seam on a Engineered Garments Workshirt is triple stitched to ensure it can stand plenty of abuse.
  • The elbows are reinforced with another layer of cotton internally to hold up against wear & tear.
  • The shoulder and back yoke are both reinforced with another layer of fabric.
  • Twill taped placket.
  • Gussets at the hem.
  • Bar-tacks at stress points


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5 responses to “Up close: Engineered Garments Workshirts

  1. Damn, I’d love to kick around in one of these shirts every weekend… nice detailed shots. I’d missed your last couple posts so I had some reviewing today.

  2. phil

    That’s some straight up shirt porn…good stuff!

  3. Chris in Maryland

    A truly beautiful shirt that’s bound to wear in not out. Now if only Engineered Garments would make their shirts for wider shoulders. 18.5″ is too narrow for an XL work shirt.

  4. Cris

    Very nice articles on some of the most iconic shirt from EG. Thanks!
    The Miner Shirt too is very nice and with full new detail concept.

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