This Week – Vol. 2

So, unfortunate news. My Canon 5D mirror has unhinged itself, and that means I’m camera-less for about week. This is what I get for switching to Canon, right? Actually, I’m impressed with the Canon and while I still plan on switching back to Nikon eventually, it’s been great. On the other hand, the new Ebbet’s caps just went into production and should be ready within five weeks. If you want to special order bigger sizes (7 3/4, or bigger) or smaller sizes (7, 6 3/4) please let me know! I don’t mind getting odd sizes, if someone will end up wearing them. The color way is minimal, and they’ll be something you can wear with literally anything.




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7 responses to “This Week – Vol. 2

  1. Adam

    Sorry to hear about the camera; so how do we go about getting a cap (7 1/4)?

  2. David

    Ryan – how do we order one of your caps? Great site and photos. Love it.

  3. Hayden Knorr

    Hey Ryan – how can I get my name of one of the caps?

  4. Hi Ryan,
    Wondering if you’re still taking orders for your caps!


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