In Detail – 2/24/2012

So, since the 5D is in for repairs. My pal, and super talented photographer Clark Griffiths helped me with some photos for a post while I await it’s return. Quite warm out today, but I hope it’s not the end of the nicer weather we’ve been getting here down south. I don’t really mess with slim fitting cargo pants, and I can’t seem to find a pair better than these vintage ones. If I could date them, I would say they’re Vietnam era BDU’s. It’s neat to see the design elements that Daiki took from these for the pair of Engineered Garments trousers I own. Well-worn, washed a lot Engineered Garments plaid work shirt. Red Wing 8131’s at two years of wear, and treated with Obenauf’s three times.


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5 responses to “In Detail – 2/24/2012

  1. Thomas

    Not really my cup of tea but you’re rockin’ it well! Different strokes for different folks, folks!

  2. nady

    amazing cargos. nothing beats vintage army gear in my opinion, gotta get my hands on a pair like this one. thanks for the inspiration ryan!

  3. Hmmm…I’ve had similar pairs. I’m pretty certain those are Korean War BDU. I’ve always been bias toward oversized fits and these are some serious troopers!

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