In Detail – 2/26/2012

Another camera, another In Detail’s post. The 5D will be back this week, and I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to shoot – so until then! This HBT (herringbone twill) camouflage hunting jacket was a flea-market find that I stumbled upon yesterday for $10 bucks. It’s vintage “Ted Williams Approved” for Sears Roebucks. I will post the details about it when I’ve got a suitable camera. It fits almost perfect, and is in great shape. I’ve loved this fabric and although there’s been a huge uprising of brands using it lately, it’s still a classic. More history behind it can be found over at ACL – so read up if you’re into that kind of stuff. Imogene + Willie Ebbet’s Field Flannels cap, Post O’alls Cruzer vest, and a Woolrich Woolen Mills Knockabout shirt is everything else I’ve got on.  I’ve been alternating between my Tellasons and these Rogue Territory Stantons’ to get them broken in before the hotter weather comes this way. And, yet again… Red Wing 8131 Moc-toes.


Filed under Ebbet's Field Flannels, Made in USA, Post Overalls, Red Wing Boots, Rogue Territory, Woolrich Woolen Mills

6 responses to “In Detail – 2/26/2012

  1. Hi! Great outfit. Especially love the Woolrich shirt, AND the background. I’m from NZ and the Rainbow Warrior boats are etched in my memory.

  2. Brotha man. The textures and colors in that third pic are fanfuckingtastic. You gotta be my stylistic/sartorial twin. I’ve got this sick WWM Daiki hunting jacket in blue that I need to take some pictures of. I’ve got a fujifilm x10 but don’t know how to achieve the natural lighting results I want. Keep it real man.

  3. Chris in Maryland

    Splendid! The textures work very well together in the close-up detail.

  4. guy

    That jacket fabric isn’t herringbone twill, just regular twill.

  5. mat

    what an immense vintage find, i like the fact that the camo is almost cloud-like. well good look

  6. Uwe

    it’s neither herringbone nor twill, it is a canvas weave. So much for nerdness, the look is great nevertheless, Ryan.
    And thanks for the background. Let’s not forget Greenpeace.

    keep on


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