Old & New: Red Wing Moc-toes

To this day, my original Red Wing 875’s are the most comfortable pair of footwear I own. That’s the best part about any pair of Red Wing’s, they really do get better the more you wear ’em. At over two years of wear, they still look pretty damn good. The 8881’s are about three months old, and they’re finally past the break-in period. There’s just something awesome about the Red Wing Moc-toe models. The design has stayed almost identical to one of the first pair of boots Red Wing ever crafted, and made exactly the same way over a hundred years later. So thanks, 875’s – for two good years, with many more to come. And you as well, 8881 – even though we’ve just met, I can tell we’ll be good pals for a long time.


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6 responses to “Old & New: Red Wing Moc-toes

  1. Good to hear your moc’s are treating you well. I’ve probably got about 3 weeks of total (21 days worn) break in time on my 214’s and they’re markedly more comfortable than they were on day 1. I can’t wait until they get some patina on them and break in even more.

  2. Jason

    Red wings are amazing! Although I recently purchased some vintage Filson chukkas that give my Red Wings a run for the money. But the Moc-Toes are one of those shoes that seem like they’ll be great forever. Glad you’re putting that newly repaired camera to use.

  3. I know you really love your Redwings, and I dont blame you they are a great boot. I was just wondering if you have ever heard of the manufacturer Thorogood? They make a 6″ moc toe very similar to the Redwings at a fraction of the price. Plus they are still made in America, with Good year welt fabrication, Vibram soles, and removable shock absorbent inserts. Ive been wearing them for a few months and I am in love with them. Best part is they are cheap enough that I am not scared to actually use them for what work boots are intended to do… work.

    There is also a 10% discount with coupon code “TY2012” Just in case you wanted to add these to your arsenal for those muddy hikes, or if you’re like me long greasy nights in under a car in the garage.

  4. schaefe

    I wanted a pair of Redwings for years, but never could convince myself to spend $200 on shoes. I finally received a pair of 875s as a birthday present, and have since barely worn my other shoes. Sometimes you still get what you pay for.
    Incidentally, I found your site while looking for care tips for work boots. I haven’t found Obeneuf’s, but I did give them a coat of RedWing mink oil this morning. I have to say they look better than ever.

  5. Torsten Termohlen

    Aren’t those the 8131 and not the 875? Seems to be from the pics? I’ve got the same – and 4 others 🙂 You can’t own too many Red Wings!!!
    Other than that I totally agree – these are great boots!!

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