Choctaw Ridge

I’ll preface this with the following: this stuff isn’t for everyone. But, I’ve been sick with strep throat so I decided to treat myself to some Choctaw Ridge undershirts. Choctaw Ridge was started by Christian McCann, the Americana badass behind Left Field. This line is inspired by high quality undergarments from the 1930’s, and the amazing packaging that went with them. Spun from Pima cotton, these are an absolute pleasure to put on. The construction on these is done up the same way it used to be done, with no shortcuts taken.


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11 responses to “Choctaw Ridge

  1. Chris in Maryland

    Ryan, when you say not for everyone I suppose you mean those with an undershirt budget less than $50 per shirt. For those content with a three-pack of organic cotton American Apparel t-shirts for $48, $102 for two undershirts does seem high, but to each his own. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks buddy! Yea, to each their own for sure. I just love the idea behind it and since I collect hang tags, it’s something to add to the collection’

      • Chris in Maryland

        The box is a nice touch too. Will you frequently wear the shirts as summer wear t-shirts or mostly just as undershirts?

      • Yea,

        Wearing one right now actually! They’re super lightweight, so they’re perfect for Florida summer. I mainly bought them as undershirts though. They’re long enough to tuck in without coming out, so I really like that.

  2. I hope one day they make a line for females.

  3. seanshanks

    The undershirts are lovely. Any insight on how these hold up/suffer from shrinkage. I’ve long been in the pursuit of slim fitting undershirts that do not shrink much or have very long tails so some shrinkage can be afforded. I can’t find an undershirt that within 6 months of wearing and washing doesn’t shrink to be to short to tuck-in any more, instead just sort of bunching around your waist with any activity. Do you have any thoughts?

    • Christian told me I should hand wash them as Pima cotton is pretty lightweight. They are really nice, and lightweight. Will be awesome for summer. I will let you know as I wash them, as I am just about to hand wash both of mine!

  4. Hey Ryan,

    First, I’d like to say that your pictures are great. Question for you about the shirts…are they loop-wheeled (without side seams)? I’d love to know a bit more about their construction. Where did you find them?

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  6. The packaging and presentation that Choctaw Ridge uses are nothing short of spectacular. I found some loopwheeled Ts from Velva Sheen (made in Cincinnati) here in PDX this weekend, so I’ll be wearing the crap out of them. I wrote them up on my blog. Thanks for sharing these. I’m always looking for good, American-made basics, and it’s usually pretty hard to find them.

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