Red Wing 4514 Oxford

I had the great pleasure of working with Red Wing Heritage again to shoot a new special make up they did for J. Crew. A plain-toed version of the Work Oxford that’s pretty fitting for Summer. As much as I love the moc-toe version, these do look pretty slick and I would totally wear them as a more dressier option. As if I need to even say it: Made in USA, with top-notch construction. These will definitely be around for awhile. They’re available now at J. Crew


Filed under Made in USA, Red Wing Boots

3 responses to “Red Wing 4514 Oxford

  1. cooper

    Good stuff. I bought a pair last week, but had to return for a full size smaller rather than a half. I can’t wait to start breaking them in.

  2. Picked up a pair for myself last month. They’re fantastic!

  3. I was gonna say…those photos floating around the blogs sure look familiar. Nice work my friend!

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