Left Field NYC Natural Selvedge Duck Chinos

When I think of duck canvas, I think of my grandfather always wearing these Carhartt double knee’d loggers s for work. He’d wear them to hell and back before they gave way and he had to replace them. That’s the beauty of duck canvas, it’s tough as nails and perfect for a pair of pants you can beat up or dress up. This duck is quite special though, a limited make up from the historic Cone Mills of Greensboro, NC. Natural selvedge duck canvas that has cotton seeds woven into the fabric. The weight and feel of these is similar to a pair of raw denim, but with better breathability. The fabric is 12oz’s, and will definitely soften up after some wear. I haven’t got to start wearing mine yet, as I had to keep them clean for a wedding I was attending… but now that has come and gone, so I can start breaking them in.

As with all of Left Field’s trousers, these are made extremely well in a small factory in San Fransisco. Bar-tacking at stress points, corozo nut buttons, chambray pocket bags, and a chain-stitched waist band. These details may go unnoticed by a lot of people, but it’s what makes these wear the way they do, and last the way they do. Since I’ve started simple threads I’ve developed such a respect for the craftsmanship that goes into making something, even if it is “just a pair of pants.”

Available at the Left Field online shop. Tons of photos, tried my best to capture the fabric itself.


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11 responses to “Left Field NYC Natural Selvedge Duck Chinos

  1. David

    Ryan – super cool. Love the ticket pocket.

    • kennynelson

      cool post and Simple Threads is a great site! I have been thinking about getting a pair of Left Field Duck Canvas pants and I was wondering if you need to size up when buying them? My experience with duck canvas in the past was that it shrunk down pretty good.


  2. kennynelson

    cool post and great site! I have been thinking about getting a pair of duck canvas pants from left field and was wondering if I need to size up? my experience with duck canvas in the past was that it shrinks down pretty good.


  3. Zachary Goldberg

    Can we get some photos of you wearing them?

  4. Uwe


    they look very nice.
    how is the fit, rather loose or slim?
    What size you are wearing (and what size you wear in the Tellasons)?

    best rgds


  5. really nice, the pockets are a nice touch. being from a different side of the world we have similar stories but different trades. I remember my grandad wearing Farah trousers when he worked at a car factory

  6. Brendan

    Is that selvage red-line or purple-line?

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