Tanner Goods – Worth Holding Onto

I’m on  over a year and half of daily use with this Tanner Goods workman wallet, and with their neat exhibit to celebrate their one year anniversary of the Tanner Goods flagship store, I figured I would submit it. No one seems to believe me that this did start out as a natural vegetable tanned leather, but it did. It’s been through a lot, and it just continues to look better with age. The exhibit name, “Worth Holding Onto” is plain and simple: when you buy a well-made product, you want to see that investment pay off. I know that mine certainly has, and it’s also sentimental to me. My now fiance, soon to be wife got this for me for our first Valentines day. So, this will always serve as a reminder of our first year together… and the fact she’s willing to buy me awesome stuff. Until next time.


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5 responses to “Tanner Goods – Worth Holding Onto

  1. Dee

    Very rustic…love it.

  2. well worth hanging onto indeed. what has made the middle section so dark?

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  4. Shin

    Worth to pay for. Great aging.

  5. Dirk

    How often do you ‘obenauf’ your workman wallet?
    Do you also use the Obenauf LP (heavy duty) on it in addition to the obenauf oil?

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