In Detail – 5/23/2012

First of all, it’s been almost two years and my legs have never been visible on here. But it’s starting to get so damn hot its time to put the denim away for a bit. This lightweight Woolen Mills Upland jacket is perfect for layering and has so many neat pockets for storing things. I know the Birk’s aren’t made here, but they’re a classic for Summer. Takeshi over at Post hooked me up with some shorts that he wasn’t wearing anymore (thanks again dude!) and they’ve been getting tons of wear  and tons of stares. 


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12 responses to “In Detail – 5/23/2012

  1. Joe

    The fit is cool. The shorts are cool. Post o’alls is one of my very favorite brands. I used to live in central Florida. Deltona area, maybe, you’ve heard of it. All I know, for sure is, that you don’t need a jacket of any kind at anytime in Florida right now. No need to sweat your balls off in a light jacket and beard just for the sake of being on the cutting edge of trend.

  2. Jason

    Sadly, my legs are whiter, possibly the same color as the coat. The shorts are great. I’m going to have to make some good friends to hook me up with cool gear like that.

  3. crisy

    I really like the choices you’ve made for this fit. I must say that I find it quite hard to pull of a white jacket myself, but you manage it effortlessly, and it’s actually a real nice jacket that looks great for a cool evening. I think the Birks were a wise choice too, they are indeed perfect for summer weather!

  4. Dirk

    Ryan – as come to expected great pics as always from you….Can you tell me what color/model # those Birkenstock Bostons are? They look like the Waxy Leather Habana – Thanks for the info in advance.

  5. Those shorts are excellent.

  6. Adam

    Ah, the life of a supreme addict. I remember waiting in the lines in the frosty mornings for a t-shirt in my younger days.

  7. You’re clothes are always very well. Lovely garments, quality and great looking. In germany u can see plenty of people everyday with those birks. To be honest, I don’t like them at all, but they fit good to your outfit. Best regards Florian

  8. Joe

    Used to be a heroine junky, sir. Has absolutely nothing to do with said shit brand Supreme.

  9. liking the pattern on the shorts, something i struggle with

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