Shirts Built To Last

Over the past two years I’ve slowly put together my wardrobe. Since I have no local shops to actually try stuff on, shirting was really difficult. I was totally against slim fitting shirts, and that’s really what the market is filled with right now. I began to slightly obsess over the fit and construction of the Engineered Garments work shirt once I snagged my chambray. I’ve broadened my horizons since then, and will continue to do so, but I stick with what works for me. High gussets, lots of pockets, long-lasting fabrics, made in America, and absolutely no button down collars. Shop smart, and wait for sales. I know a lot of people steer clear of brands like Woolrich Woolen Mills, Engineered Garments, Post Overalls, etc because of the higher cost… but when you’re still wearing it in 5 years, it’ll be worth it.



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15 responses to “Shirts Built To Last

  1. Frank

    What is the benefit of the high gusset? It is the only feature I don’t like about my WWM ranger shirt.

    • The gussets are there to provide movability. Normally a shirt is going to connect at the side seem. The gusset adds some room for easier movement, etc. That’s why you see it on sporting wear (Woolen Mills) and workwear inspired stuff (EG workshirts)

  2. Ryan, could you throw out a few brands that come in a little less expensive but still exude a similar level of quality and craftsmanship or do those brands not exist? What does someone do when these brands aren’t yet in the budget? Keep saving?

  3. this is the plan, i’ve started but only just. great selection

  4. Yen Yu

    hi. fantastic blog. learning about clothes construction, history, and great styles. i’ve been following it regularly for a few months now. keep up the great work!

    just one question: could you please recommend a few online shops where i can lay my hands on some EG, Post Overalls, or Woolen MIlls? I’m in Taiwan for now and there’s no easy access. Thank you!

  5. Flannel

    So what is the red shirt at the bottom of the pile? It looks great. Love your blog by the way.

  6. Flannel

    Hi there. I love your blog. I’m curious what brand the red shirt is, the one at the bottom of the pile. It looks like a good one! Thank you.

  7. Santiago

    Been following the blog for a while..thanks for the great info. I’m stuck in Tampa too..wish there was a market for this American made movement here. No business opportunities here without great risk.

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