In Detail – 7/13/2012

It’s really good to be back. A long move, and a very busy work schedule have kept me away for far too long. Thanks for sticking around and continuing to read & write me. Summer is 100% here, yet I continue to find myself in these Left Field trousers. At first, a herringbone pattern on pants sort of weirded me out due to the vertical stripes, but now I’ve grown to really dig them. Brushed flannel Engineered Garments work shirt and the good ol’ RW 8131’s. Summer or not, these are just to comfortable to take off.


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10 responses to “In Detail – 7/13/2012

  1. Rob

    Shirt is fantastic, love that red button.

  2. You couldn’t make it out here in NV where we’ve had temps of 115+ this last week. Nice look though for up north 🙂

  3. Flannel

    It all looks great!

  4. Johny

    very nice!

    thanks for the tips in your previous post, by the way. i got a cruiser jacket, which is way way way too hot for taiwan until late october, but i love everything about it.

    • Johny,

      Which Cruiser did you get? I love that jacket so much – really want to own the navy cotton/poly one here soon. Found it on sale and I’m just waiting for me to be in the mood to buy it.

      Thanks so much for reading all the way from Taiwan, I really appreciate it.

      • Johny

        I bought the SS12 in navy poly/cotton poplin on sale too. it’s still too hot to wear it in taiwan but it’s looking promising. hope you got a chance to grab this awesome jacket.

        keep up the great work! your blog also caught my girlfriend’s attention. she especially likes the posts featuring your lady friend.

  5. good to see you back again, i was checking every couple of days to see if there was any action. so what is the secret to dealing with the heat at this time of year? my gf has just come back and she said it was even hotter than usual

    • My secret is: I guess I’m just used to it. I’m a Floridian, born and raised. This summer has been mild compared to last year. I do sweat a bit, hence I always have an under shirt on. Other than that, it really doesn’t bother me. I’m trying to come back – real life gets busy and that has to take priority. Thanks again Matt, you’ve been a long time reader and I appreciate it.

  6. Thomas


    Longtime reader and I gotta say I love your blog! Great pics, awesome
    descriptions, and updates (not enough in my opinion)! I was just
    wondering if you knew of any good women’s wear blogs. My girlfriend
    loves the way I dress and when I was showing her my blog roll she
    said I didn’t have any that were female oriented which is true. I was
    just wondering if you knew of any good women’s wear (if that’s what it’s
    called) blogs.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

    – Thomas

    ps, I emailed this to you but I’m not sure if it went through…

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