In Detail – 7/19/2012

I never really thought of my blog as a fashion blog, and the more and more I continue forward with Simple Threads, the more I realize that it isn’t. It’s just a photographic journal of well made American clothing from some amazing brands with rich history. I’m not by any means fashionable, and I honestly am fine with that. I just like to share the wear & tear of the stuff I own. To show everyone else why it’s worth the extra money for nice stuff.


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14 responses to “In Detail – 7/19/2012

  1. Great post, you live in Florida, how do you withstand the heat and humidity? I live in Miami and I can’t even wear pants most of the time.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for some time. I have to disagree, you ARE fashionable. Your blog represents a trend in a sensible, utilitarian, and quality line of fashion. That your tastes are not aligned with the majority of knuckleheads that willingly accept mass-produced inferior products does not eliminate your blog from the fashion category. You simply represent an intelligent minority.
    Thanks again for sharing. Love your work!

  3. Please shave dude! I’m sweating looking at you!

    Those suede red wings keep looking better and better.

  4. I love the lens cap in your left pocket. Also, your hair looks good like that. Right on man.

  5. The pencil in pocket is the ultimate touch. Love this look. Feel like I’ve stepping into some Americana dream…and I live in London.


  6. nice shirt! got a tellason denim shirt with also a “pencil pocket” but how the hell do you prevent the pen to fall out of it all the time you bent over? 😉

  7. really like the long length with the short cut up on these shirts, shows off some nice detail. about the fashiony thing, i guess who cares, you like what you do and do it very well. fashionable is subjective, as it stylish. from my opinion you’re a very stylish chap

  8. I just purchased this shirt along with the natural color for only $80 together. Good deal I believe! Thanks for your blog.

  9. I took the time to read all the comments, but I really liked the article.

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