In Detail – 7/24/12

This years summer has not been anywhere near as hot as it previously has been. I love my layers, and try and get away with really light ones during the summer. Chambray + olive drab forever.


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8 responses to “In Detail – 7/24/12

  1. Killin’ it with the 992s. Grey/white NBs for the understated.

  2. Joe

    Wool socks? Is that what they are? It is not cool any where in Florida, Sir. I really don’t know who your tryin’ to fool. Us, or yourself?
    We’ve had record heat across America this year and your state is no different. In fact your state is, in fact, hotter then most all the time.

  3. Dirk

    His “Wigwam Cypress” socks are actually not wool – they just look like it and are indeed a 70% cotton / 30 % nylon blend 🙂 – I own a few pairs and they are quite a comfortable warm weather alternative when wearing boots etc. as opposed to wool socks.

  4. Eric

    This fit isn’t any different than all the people wearing suits I see everyday downtown over here in Orlando… and it’s probably hotter over here. I wear essentially the same type of clothes everyday in the studio but keep the jacket at work as they keep the studio as cool as a meatlocker sometimes. I don’t know about anyone else, but everyone I know here in Florida that does office/creative work goes from an AC house to an AC car to an AC Office unless they ride. You could pretty much wear a parka and get away with it, so Joe, you’re pretty much just being a douche.

    Fit looks good man.

    • jb

      I love your style man but I live in Florida to and I am sweating just looking at you right now. I will say that most buidings in Florida are very much OVER air conditioned.

  5. Got to leave some love for the New Balance 990 heritage series. Comfort, Quality. I wear the 996 myself. It is a lovely shoe.

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