Post Overalls Royal Traveler Vest

So, this year I set a wardrobe budget for myself- that was very modest and made me shop around for bargains. It’s paid off extremely well and I’ve made $1,000 go pretty darn far in my opinion. I had been eyeing this Post O’alls Royal Traveler vest in “southern” chambray to wear year round here in the South. I ended up snagging it for $108 (retail was $254) from Union Made Goods and I’ve really been enjoying it. This will be my fourth Post O’alls piece and I have nothing but amazing things to say about what Takeshi is doing with Post. The construction, fabric selections, and overall utility of all of the garments is perfect. This vest is nothing less, tons of pockets, a great fit, neat details, and just very wearable with everything I own. I really enjoy anything chambray because it always wears well, and you can see the wear patterns after constant wear and wash. The pocketing on the vest is what I really dig about it. There’s two side pockets that are actually two separate pockets, both accessible under the same button flap. Both sides of the chest are huge pockets, you can see the openings on either side of the buttons. It also has two internal button closure pockets. It’s quite different than the Cruser vest I have in navy herringbone, and that’s why I wanted it. Variety is always good. The material itself is similar but not exactly the same as the chambray Daiki uses for Engineered Garments season after season – so I do plan on wearing it with my chambray work shirt.

The shirt and pants are Engineered Garments, and the shoes are the ever-so comfortable Birkenstock Bostons.


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7 responses to “Post Overalls Royal Traveler Vest

  1. Michael from Northern Ireland

    That vest is awesome. I am going to NYC for the first time in september and i have seen a shop called ‘Extra’ online. They seem to do a ton of Post stuff, which i cant wait to see. Have you ever been to New York, If so could you recommend anywhere good to go? Totally love the blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Fredrik

    That is a beautiful piece.

  3. Joe

    This is a nice edition to an already pretty rounded collection. I’ve been a bit of an ass. I apologize for that, sir. Your life is your life. I must say, most of your fits are on point. Keep up. Really, no hard feelings.

  4. especially like it with the green pants.

  5. luket209

    Dude, I love your stuff.

  6. Brian

    If you like the Bostons (I do as well) Check out Aurora Shoe Company’s Middle English shoe. Handmade in Upstate New York of Horween leather with Vibram soles. Probably the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own. Mold to your feet like Birks but softer and more supple. I think you would dig them and work well with your gear. Also, have a Post O’alls work shirt for sale you may be interested in that I don’t really wear much. Size medium, but you know they run big.

  7. Adam

    What size travelers vest do you wear? I’m interested in one.

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