Three Years Later: Corter Utility Belt

It’s been somewhere around three years that I’ve been wearing this belt everyday. One of the first American made pieces I picked up that really made me realize that you truly get what you pay for. Starting out as natural vegetable tanned leather, it has darkened and developed some really nice patina. I snapped these just to share with Eric, but figured I’d share ’em here. Looking back at where he was when I purchased this belt from him, it’s really amazing to see how he’s expanded Corter Leather. It definitely shows that guys (and gals) are more interested in quality over quantity.  Keep up the good work Eric!


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9 responses to “Three Years Later: Corter Utility Belt

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  2. Etienne

    I wish I could have some patina on a Corter Leather product ! But I’ve ordered a leather from the website in may, paid by paypal immediately. Never get any email/order confirmation. Never get any answer to my emails, or facebook email to Corter Leather…Good quality product for sure, but some customer services issues ! Sorry to post that here…

  3. Ryne

    Just bought a natural belt. What has been your oil strategy with that? Slightly confused on how to treat it.

  4. joi

    Really nice aging!

  5. new to this brand so it will be cool to find some more about them. been wearing the same leather belt since september, got some time to go yet

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