In Detail – 9/5/2012



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10 responses to “In Detail – 9/5/2012

  1. I’ve been waiting to see a pic of you wearing these left fields. I’m on the wall about them or the rogue territory natural canvas. Thanks for the blog.

    • Thanks man. Sorry for the delay! You will be happy with either or. The rogues are a slimmer fit where as these are more straight legged. So depending on what fit you want, I’d start there. The fabrics are slightly different, the selvedge ID on these is not as obvious as it is on the canvas that RT uses, but they are both indeed selvedge. This fabric also has cotton seeds embedded into it, so it adds a bit of texture.

      Hope this helps, thanks again for reading.

  2. Thomas

    Are they really different? I mean the fabric. Both look to be the same. If you look here: especially the last pic you can see that they also have these seeds in them.
    HW Carter are also using the same cloth for their jackets and trousers.
    A great fabric for sure.

    • Yes they are completely different fabric. The self edge ID on the fabric Left Field is using is completely different. Also the Left Field is basically white, where that other fabric is a beige/khaki.

      • Thomas

        Alright. It looked like one production patch to me by Cone.
        But I have a pair coming my way from Leftfield, so I’ll soon see what they look like. And be able to compare the cloth with that of my Carters jacket, which is between white and khaki with the cotton seeds in it.
        What does selfedge ID mean? Is it a proper number or you mean the colours, etc. of the self edge?

      • The selvedge ID is the color of the selvedge line. Selvedge initially started as a way to identify fabric by looking at the end of the roll. It was just discovered that it would not fray when used on an out seam. So that’s the real purpose of the selvedge lining, was to determine what the roll of fabric was. 🙂

  3. Fredrik

    That EG shirt is really nice. I got a question about your Tanner Goods wallet. I bought one myself and Im wondering how often you treat it with oil? Thanks in advance. Your blog is excellent.

  4. adrian

    your flannel game is on point – decided to get some flannelshirts i can just throw on and look cool aswell like you – and just don’t bother buying too much about clothes – i like your representation of yourself on here. keep it up! – kind regards from the netherlands

  5. shaved it all off ay, looks smart with the beard. tricky one to pull off but you managed it. think it’s about time i invested in some red wing’s

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