From The Back of My Closet: Engineered Garments Fall/Winter Workshirts

Soon enough I’ll be able to wear these gems. It’s been way too long. Without a doubt the nicest flannel I’ve ever laid hands on, and super comfortable. Hopefully one day I’ll live somewhere that allows these to be worn year round, but until then I’ll enjoy these next few months.


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9 responses to “From The Back of My Closet: Engineered Garments Fall/Winter Workshirts

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  2. Rich

    I discovered your blog a few days ago (while doing research on Oakstreet Bootmakers) and I’ve enjoyed going over all the older posts. I am glad your still at it. Buying American has been something that I’ve slowly been doing the past few years, and thanks to your posts, you’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Leo

    The red one is fantastic! Where did you get it?

  4. gabe

    I know you’re used to sweating through it pretty much year round down there in Florida but even in Portland where the weather is super mild, we have to put away our flannels for a few months. There out now though and I, like you, am pretty stoked about it. Hopefully I’ll be adding an EG to my collection in the next month or so…

  5. Dee

    I love my flannels and one can never have too many! I can’t wait to bust out my classic one – red and black!

  6. The red green black one is so nice

  7. Beautiful! Love the red / black /green one

  8. Justin

    Taking a break?

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