I feel like I should have picked a different name for this blog, had I known I would one day have the desire to post about things other well-made garments, but what can I do now. I’ve been enjoying the outdoors, planting things and watching them bloom has been more rewarding than I ever thought it could be. Taking time away from the endless pit that is “menswear” gave me a lot of time to wear the stuff I own, get it real dirty, beat it up, and really start to appreciate the construction and durability of it all.  By no means am I saying that I didn’t check out the new Engineered Garments FW13 look book the day it came out, or continue to check Yoox late at night to find sweet Daiki Suzuki pieces for the low (speaking of, if you’re a large… enjoy this FW10 Suzuki era WWM Upland), I just simply wanted some time to shift gears and focus on some other projects that I’ve wanted to get off the ground. I am working on some outdoorsy stuff, all made in the USA with some fun yet functional fabrics. I fell on the name Bayborough, and for some reason it stuck. My good friend and internet pal, Anthony Lane has done some amazing work on some branding for me and we’re both really excited about it. But for now, pictures of some stuff we’ve grown, everything from succulents to orchids. So get outside and grow stuff and listen to this.


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4 responses to “Flora

  1. Andy w

    Loving the pics and cant wait to see the new gear youve bin workin on. Missed your blog last few weeks so good to hear youve bin keepin busy and wokingnhard getting a new venture off the ground. Good luck with it.
    Ps wee typo – stuck / suck…. Typos do suck!! Big time.
    All the best andy, edinburgh

  2. This Bayborough project sounds promising, congrats and good luck. Cant wait to see more about it. Nice flower pics by the way.
    Harold, from Versailles – France

  3. Eric

    Nice pics. No need to apologize for non clothing photos, I just like looking at quality shots 🙂

  4. misterarcher

    Glad to see you posting again, Ryan. Looking forward to Bayborough (landscape is looking great, too).

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