Yea, sorry about that. Not a good look to have my page say its expired or been suspended. In a weird way, it made me irritated enough to want to start blogging again. Not much has changed, actually, everything has changed. My daughter is 16 months old now, and wow does she keep us busy. That, with full time school and a full time job – pretty much leaves me with enough time to eat and sleep. The American dream right? But, I’m back on this. So many kind words and so many people asking me to do it again – so I’m committed.

I’m still into workwear (big surprise) but I’ve broadened my tastes a little bit. I have a few crazy pieces in my closet now, long shirts, overalls, and more variations of the EG work shirt! Oh, and I upgraded my camera!

I feel like this blog has taught me a lot, from where I started at fashion wise. It has helped me sort of figure out how I wanted to dress. I read a quote from some guy on StyleForum, and it really summed it up for.

“I dunno, man. What are your favorite books? Movies? Biggest dreams? What would you wear if you could wear whatever the fuck you wanted? Because chances are, you can, and you should just do that” -Synthese, Style Forum

So, its taken me five years to do just that. Thanks again, for all of the kind words – and for continuing to read.


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5 responses to “SSDD

  1. Josh

    Really great to see you back posting again.

  2. kruppers

    Glad to see you back Ryan. I’ve missed these posts

  3. Santiago

    Welcome back!

  4. Your blog is kinda my inspiration for the way I dress, so I was a little worried when your posts slowed down, good to know you’re still kickin’ around and still posting good stuff 🙂

  5. Reg Kunzel

    Figuring out what you want to wear is a pretty big deal — it’s about how you want to be in the world. Thanks for your wonderful posts and photos.

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