“No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself.”

There’s a lot of power in not giving a fuck what people think about you. Be yourself, be influenced by change of thought, not change of fashion. Most of us started to lose our imagination after we were little ones, and we just don’t see the world in the same light we did before. So we’ve got to find new ways to express ourselves. For me, I started to find that in workwear, specifically Japanese workwear. I was into sneakers, I was into streetwear, but it all felt so disposable. I started looking around and researching and found an EG lookbook from FW08 and thought “I want to dress like that”. I became fascinated with Japanese designers like Daiki of EG and Takeshi of Post Overalls, but at that time I weighed too much to wear the shit they were designing. Wearing brands like that became my goal, and inspired me to drop 110lbs, start the blog, and start building up a wardrobe that would last me a long time. In a weird way, EG sort of saved my life. I’m done ranting, but I want to end it with a quote this dude said on Styleforum that has stuck with me. 

“I dunno, man. What are your favorite books? Movies? Biggest dreams? What would you wear if you could wear whatever the fuck you wanted? Because chances are, you can, and you should just do that” -Synthese



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6 responses to ““No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself.”

  1. Gordon Myhre

    Great post
    Visualize change and make it happen

  2. Ben

    Looks amazing, Ryan! Interesting to hear how you got into EG. I feel like I’m still aspiring toward what Daiki talks about when he says that EG looks best when we bring something of ourselves to it. That’s what makes it a lifestyle to me, rather than “fashion”: the pursuit of your own authentic voice not in but through clothing.

    I’m loving the blog, bro!

  3. hello 🙂 followed you a while back, glad to see your posts popping up on the newsfeed again! if you don’t mind – how durable have shoes like pottery been for you?

  4. adiosditto

    ” I was into sneakers, I was into streetwear, but it all felt so disposable”
    Couldn’t agree more (Y)

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