“People grow up, and when they grow up they change.”

I look back at my early twenties and laugh hysterically at myself. For one, my ridiculous sneaker collection, and secondly, my obsession with comic book inspired graphic tee shirts. We all change, I mean I always knew I would never dress that way forever. What is interesting is how my style shifted, all over a though sort of like: “I want to be able to get dressed really easy in the morning”. I sold my sneakers off, and bought Goodyear Welted boots and selvedge denim. I donated most of my tee shirts and New Era’s and liked the pockets of the EG Workshirt, so I bought one of those. “Workwear” was huge back then (when I started the blog) but I never really saw what I was wearing as being “Workwear” because well, I wasn’t doing any manual labor in it. I liked the attention on the construction of the clothing, and the choices of fabrics. I don’t know if it was because everything got so tried, and the inauthenticity couldn’t of been more obvious, but regardless the whole menswear blog scene pretty much imploded on itself all at the same time. So, I stopped looking at American blogs for inspiration and started to look at some stores and individuals in Japan for some ideas. One thing I liked about Japanese fashion when it came to the brands I followed was the way they were wearing the same stuff as some of the guys in America was the absolute not-giving-a-fuck attitude. There was no monochrome outfits, no palette matching, there was no rules to what they wore. That was appealing to me, and although I’m nowhere near as cool as most of the Japanese dudes who wear EG. Although I still don’t really fuck with the crazy patterns that the EG team puts out, it’s still a continued inspiration.


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2 responses to ““People grow up, and when they grow up they change.”

  1. Leee Ronaldo

    Good to see you blogging again. Just starting to get into EG and really dig seeing EG in everyday life.

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