“The world is full of ways and means to waste time.”

This blog is mainly about “fashion”, yet I still feel the need to rant and rave about life and quote Japanese surrealism. Oh well, I’m sorry about that. We’ve all heard it, and it seems like a pretty simple statement: Life is short. We’re told that we should seek the things that make us happy. This cliche (but true) statement finally clicked and begin to be real at 29 years old. If we find ourselves and represent that in how we dress and present ourself to the millions of people around us, why do we not feel the same way about other aspects in our lives? I woke up the other day and decided it was time for a change. I didn’t quite know what that change would be for me, but I knew I wanted a change. So I’m making it happen, and I feel really good about it. We’re all capable of doing amazing things, we just need to put in a lot of effort and find some inspiration in the world around us. Peace.


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One response to ““The world is full of ways and means to waste time.”

  1. Benjamin Merson

    Inspirational. I love everything about this.

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