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Draught Dry Goods Idea Carries

There’s something special about opening up a new notebook, and something really special with these 7.5 x 10 notebooks from the man behind Draught, Caesy Oney. These were hand bound at Portland Publication Studios specifically for Draught. A waxy olive drab cover with about 200 sheets of nice weight paper stock, some graphing and some blank.  Oh, and if you use promo code SIMPLETHREADS to purchase the Idea Carry or an Idea Carry Case – you’ll get a new Draught Dry Goods knit cap, done up in an exclusive olive drab color by Columbia Knit.



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Draught Dry Goods x Simple Threads Giveaway

I got a lot of questions about the camera strap that I got from Caesy, so we figured what the hell, let’s give one away. This was the first piece he made in his new Portland studio, and has a “1” stamped into it to signify that. Rather neat, if you’re into that sort of thing. The strap is crafted with a durable vegetable tanned leather, with brass hardware and hand-set rivets. To enter the giveaway, just do the following:

  • Follow Draught Dry Goods (twitter/tumblr)
  • Simple Threads (twitter/tumblr)
  • Reblog this post on tumblr
  • Retweet this on twitter: @draughtdrygoods & @simplethreads are giving away a one of a kind veg tan camera strap – you can enter
    • We understand not everyone has both of these social media platforms, so we’ll be verifying that you’ve done at least one of them to be eligible to win.
  • Finally, leave a comment on THIS post with your twitter/tumblr URL – this makes it easier for me to easily validate that the winner is not a fake/duplicate account and to verify that they’re eligible to win.


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Waxed Weekender Bag from Draught Dry Goods

One of my goals this year was to travel more, and the first thing I needed to do so was something to pack my clothing in for a nice long weekend trip away from home. Thanks to my good friend Caesy, of Draught Dry Goods; the first obstacle is out of the way. The bag has tons of room; I was able to fit in a pair of Red Wings, a few button ups, a jacket, and my dopp kit with ease. Perfect for a 3-4 day trip. Anyhow, onto the details:

  • The bag is constructed with durable waxed canvas that’s naturally water repellent.
  • Natural leather straps that will darken up with use.
  • Hand-set copper rivets fortify the stress points of the bag to guarantee it’ll be around for awhile.
  • Talon heavy-duty zipper
  • Interior storage & key hook
Currently, these are only available in a normal heavy duty canvas – but they will available in this waxed canvas relatively soon.

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Vegetable Tanned Camera Strap by Draught Dry Goods

Caesy Oney, who hails from Portland, but is currently residing in Montana, where he creates a few really practical leather goods – and rides a pretty badass motorcycle. He is the one-man operation behind Draught Dry Goods. I was in desperate need for a camera strap that had some character to it, something sturdy enough to lug around my D200. The Olivier camera strap in a natural vegetable tanned leather looked like the perfect match. Brass hardware to secure the camera to the strap, and doubled-up rivets to make sure the strap itself won’t give out on you. The strap is also adjustable, so depending on your height, or how you want to use it – it  can be altered. This leather will darken with time (obviously) to a golden brown. Thank you again, Caesy.

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