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Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boot

I won’t bore you with paragraphs of history behind what makes Wolverine, well, Wolverine.  Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet – if you want history, click here. If you do not care, and just want to see pictures of some awesome boots – scroll down. My good friend Steve Musha has been breaking in a pair of 1,000 Miles for a year now, and I wanted some pictures of them. They still look as good as new, and they’re holding up extremely well even after being worn daily. These started out as the “Rust” color so you can see that the sunlight has really brightened them up. They have been treated a few times with boot oil to keep the Florida sun rays from drying out the leather. I’ll have more photos up once I have access to Lightroom again, but for now I hope these will suffice.


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Tellason Jeans @ 4 Months

I have been a really big supporter of Tellason since I first met my good internet pal, Michael Andersen. I was in the market for a new pair of American made selvedge denim that made up to a size 38 waist, a good fit that flattered even the bigger waist sizes, authentic details, and Cone Denim. I did my research on the brand, and was impressed that the jeans were 100% American made, every step of the way. From the materials, to the production itself.

  • 12.5oz White Oak Denim (Greensboro, NC)
  • Natural Leather Patch (Portland, OR)
  • Antique Hardware (Kentucky)

The denim is cut & sewn in downtown San Francisco, CA, and quality controlled by Tony and Pete (the minds behind Tellason.) The end product is plain and simple: a durable pair of jeans, authentic details, and a great fit. Nothing more, nothing less. The details on these jeans are inspired by vintage denim, back before it was mass produced.

  • Canvas reinforced pocket lining
  • Chain-stitched hem
  • Hidden “Legal” tab in the back pocket (Levi copyrighted the red tab on jeans)
  • Antique copper rivets
  • Button fly
  • Oversized coin pocket
  • Hand-burnished leather patch by the boys at Tanner Goods

I’m now on my second pair of Tellason’s and am hoping I can wear these ones for years to come. Here are some photos of a pair of sz. 36’s after 4 months of everyday wear, a normal wash and air dry.


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Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

I decided I wanted to try out a wallet with more space with the hopes it would help me stay more organized, keep receipts, and maybe actually force me to keep cash on me. Because, although this helps you save money, it is not very gentleman like. My main focus was finding something that would have longevity, simple stitching, a vintage silhouette, crafted in the United States, and of course: be crafted of vegetable tanned, natural toned leather. This wallet is perfect for me, it’s got a very spacious bill slot, a coin pouch that is sealed off with a heavy-duty zipper, and just enough card slots to give you enough space, but not too much to add bulk to the wallet. Crafted by the good folks over at Tanner Goods of Portland, OR. Constructed of beautiful 3/4oz English Bridle Leather to ensure longevity. This is a wallet I’ll have for many years to come.


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Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boots

I guess I’m bad at packing, or it was just a subliminal way to make myself okay with buying another pair of boots, but the one thing I had my mind set on before embarking was packing my Red Wings, and I somehow forgot them back home. Walking around in Atlanta the first night was such a chore, they just had a heavy snow storm, and there was still slush, ice, and puddles of water everywhere. I got stuck dodging all of these disasters trying to save the suede on a brand new pair of Quoddys. Well the following morning I was wandering around Little Five Points and stumbled into a neat little store named Abbadabba’s that had an amazing selection of nice footwear: Redwing, Sebago, Birkenstocks, Clarks, and last but not least, Wolverine. I hadn’t been able to find a Wolverine dealer that carried 1,000 Miles in Florida, and I wanted to see these in the flesh before making the investment.

It didn’t take much convincing, after I initially set my hands on them I had already made up my mind. It was an investment worth investing in. I went with my normal size, a 10.5D and the fit was perfect. They are roomy throughout, but snug enough to make walking around in them all day not uncomfortable. The toe-box has plenty of room, and I’ve been wearing them with J.Crew camp socks. The classic leather sole gives the boot a more “dressy” silhouette which is something I was missing  in my footwear arsenal. They are Goodyear Welted which allows for them to be resoled whenever necessary, making these shoes a friend that you’ll know for a lifetime. Made from the one and only Horween Chromexcel leather:

“Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather; using time honored techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago.  Chromexcel is still produced in the United States using a bark retannage from a proprietary recipe, and then genuine hot stuffed with our secret blend of natural oils and grease.” -Horween Leather

I’ve been a really big fan of Chromexcel since wearing my Oak Street Trail Oxfords. It’s tough and can be worn without worry, which is such a great thing. I like buying a boot/shoe that I can wear and not worry if it gets a little scuffed up, muddy, or even wet. It’s no fun to have to watch every step you take, worrying about scuffing your expensive footwear. Well, I should probably get off the internet, and start walking… only about 992 miles left to go, and I’m sure that’s just the beginning.

Thanks Wolverine, for putting together such a timeless boot.


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LayerxLayer Knapsack

I really wanted to get everyone really rad gifts this year, quality stuff that would last them awhile and be utilized often. My girlfriend had been wanting a nice bag, so I did some research and wanted to find something that was feminine, but also spacious & sturdy. I stumbled upon Layerxlayer sometime ago in one of my “I’m up way too late browsing the internet for awesome stuff” kind of dazes, and even in that state of mind – managed to bookmark their site. Once I realized a nice day pack would be a really awesome gift for her, I went back and ordered one of their bags with hopes that it’d be crafted & delivered on time, and it was. Score!

Anyways, onto the bag:

The bag is a really, really sturdy denim twill that will definitely stand the test of time, think Filson canvas – it’s ALMOST that heavy. The design of the bag itself is really nice subtle, but not so subtle that it’s boring. The cardinal zipper lining, plus the natural canvas web make this bag super easy on the eyes. The YKK zipper is a minor detail that I always look for in bags or jackets. Sturdy was one of the things I was looking for, and these two have outdone themselves again by using hand-set rivets to secure the shoulder straps, which is definitely a better way to keep those crucial straps in place. The envelope sized front pocket can be removed, but I have no idea why you would – it’s the thing on this bag that differentiates it from anything else I’ve seen. Pattrick & Leah threw in one of their signature “twigs” – which my girlfriend tied onto the bag. At a really decent price point ($139.99) if you are looking for a bag for someone special, this is definitely an awesome choice, and a good investment.


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Winter Wish List Pt. 2

Oh, these are so much fun! I’ve recently been told I have an obsession with indigo and I think it’s true… anyways. Here’s a few more things I’d love to get my hands on after the holiday season is over with.

Cascadia Knit for Woodlands Supply Co. Knit Cap – $15.00

Apolis Activism Indigo Wool Chore Coat – $286.00

The Hill-Side Indigo Scarf – $80

Hamilton 1883 Duck Camo Button Down – $225

Left Field Duck Canvas Work Pants – $150

Fox River Norwegian Long Socks – $12

Russel Moccasin Multi-Combo Country Mocs – $?

Levis x Filson Denim Tote – $150

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Winter Wish List Pt. 1

Man, being without my laptop sure is a pain! I’ve got a grip of photos to share but no way to share them! New battery is en route, so I should be back at it shortly. In the interim, I figured I’d share some product that I’ve been lusting after lately. So here’s a head-to-toe run down of some items I’m wishing I had this Christmas.

Inverallan Knit Cap for Inventory Magazine – $85

The Hill-Side Cross Print Scarf – $80

Gitman Vintage for Penfield USA – $140

3sixteen x Woodlands Supply Co. Pendelton Wool Overshirt – $175

Makr Carry Goods Farm Ruck Sack in Natural – $160.00

Tanner Goods Heritage Belt – $90

Engineered Garments Workaday Cords in Olive – $160


Two-Feet Ahead Crew Socks in Moss – $8.00

Quoddy Mocassin Road Chukka w/ Brick Vibram Sole – $280


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