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In Detail – 8/28/2012

It’s been far too long, and I’m sorry. Thanks everyone for giving me a hard time about not posting, it’s sort of given me some motivation to go back at it. Shout out to Shane for helping me get these Workaday Corduroys for a steal, I’m really digging the quality and fit of them. I have an obsession with chambray, so I picked up an older season Engineered Garments Miner Shirt to sort of give me another shirt in rotation for when my chambray work shirt is waiting to be washed. The fit is pretty similar and the details are completely different. Reinforced elbow all the way down to the cuff, tons of pocket space, and a chin strap button. Sawtooth stitching on the collar as well. The vest is a Post O’alls Royal Cruzer vest, which needs no words.



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Summer Blues

If I had to pick the pieces I wore the most, these would be them. I guess I sort of like indigo… maybe a little too much.

Shirt: Rogue Territory Double Indigo Work Shirt

Jeans: Tellason

Bandanna: Vintage Made in the USA

Shoes: Oakstreet Bootmakers Navy Trail Oxford


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Sockless Spring

It’s getting hot, so that means no more Red Wings or Wolverines. Thankfully, I’ve got myself covered…

Quoddy for South Willard – $218

This is such an awesome pair of mocassins. I really haven’t got to enjoy them for too long, but they’re super comfortable and go well with everything. I love the way this rough suede and brick sole go together.

Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxfords  – $236

What can I say about these that hasn’t already been said? These are as tough as nails and can be worn dressed up, or outdoors. They just recently got touched up by a cobbler, whom I feel did an amazing job. I had scuffed them up quite a bit, but a little navy dye goes along way.


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Oak Street Bootmakers – Navy Trail Oxfords – 3 Months In

Well, I think it’s time for some pictures of these beauties. These have rarely left my feet since the day I got them, and there’s a reason for that. I don’t think there is much else to say, besides the fact they’re still going strong and only look better the more worn in they get. I think it’s the way I walk, but I’ve been absolutely destroying this Vibram soles – other than that, they look brand new minus a few scuffs & scratches. I plan to take them to the cobbler next week and have the scuffs dyed with navy dye, but I wanted to take some shots of them beforehand.


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Things You Should Own: Brown Trail Oxford

Well, soon enough after the initial release of Oak Street Bootmakers impressive (to say the least) collection of footwear, George is back at it with another beautiful shoe. The Trail Oxford returns in a chocolate brown Horween leather. I really cannot speak highly enough of the navy trail oxfords, they’re the perfect shoe. Comfortable, durable, and stylish. I’ve gotten so many compliments on these, from every age group. It’s honestly a timeless piece. Before Oak Street came along, I was sort of at a loss – I couldn’t justify shelling out the money for a pair of Quoddy’s, and especially couldn’t shell out the money for some Yuketens. Somehow, George has managed to produce a shoe, completely crafted in the US, and using top-notch US materials for $236. They’re worth every dollar, I promise you.


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Oak Street Boot Makers Navy Trail Oxford

I’ve been so stoked on writing this review since I ordered these about a week ago. They’ve finally arrived!

I opened the UPS box up to find my new favorite day to day shoes in a very simple white box, with the refreshing words “handcrafted in the USA” right on top. Upon opening this, I could just smell the Horween leather as I took them out of the box and immediately began lacing them up to throw on my feet for an evening of taking photos and seeing a good friend.

I went with my boot size (10.5D) and the fit on these is just perfect, I could of probably went down a half a size, but I didn’t really want to stretch the leather on these.

Putting them on I could instantly tell they were going to feel like amazing, and I’m familiar with the Vibram sole. My Red Wings have been a delight thus far; and they’re using this same exact work-boot sole. After walking all around down town Tampa for a good two hours, my feet are still feeling marvelous. The stitching on these is absolutely perfect and very, very sturdy. I examined the shoes closely looking for any imperfections or missed stitching, and there were none to be found. You can tell that George is taking quality very seriously over there, and that’s such a breath of fresh air.

If you’re looking for an everyday shoe that’s meant to last, and will age very well – I’d strongly advise you to keep a close watch on the Oak Street site for when the next round is out (in about eight weeks.) These are worth every cent, and they’re already priced very reasonable.


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