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In Detail – 7/19/2012

I never really thought of my blog as a fashion blog, and the more and more I continue forward with Simple Threads, the more I realize that it isn’t. It’s just a photographic journal of well made American clothing from some amazing brands with rich history. I’m not by any means fashionable, and I honestly am fine with that. I just like to share the wear & tear of the stuff I own. To show everyone else why it’s worth the extra money for nice stuff.


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Daily Necessities: What I’m Carrying

  • Layerxlayer Zip Pouch: I never thought this would be something I’d keep on my daily, but I really helps me keep my things together. Waxed canvas that continually looks better, and tons of room for pens, pencils, your phone, journal holder, basically whatever you may need.
  • Truman Journal Cover:  Writing with a pencil is so much more enjoyable than relying on your phone for everything. Your pencil has no auto-correct. I’ve always got a Field Notes tucked away in this to jot down small ideas. Hand stitched, copper rivets, and heavyweight natural vegetable tanned leather.
  • Mans Face Stuff Gin & Tonic Stache Wax: Best moustache/beard wax I’ve used. You can pronounce every ingredient that’s in it as well. If you’re keeping it grizzly, keep it together.
  • Badget Lip Balm: Chapped lips are the worst; this stuff rules.
  • Tanner Goods Workman Wallet: I’ve already said it all here.
  • Bicycle Playing Cards: These are super-old, I found them at a garage sale for a quarter. Beer & Blackjack.
  • Tanner Goods Tether: Keeps the keys safe, and it has aged beautifully (started off as natural)
  • Hollows Leather Wraps: Single leather wrap bracelets. They’re both natural tanned leather, one is brand new, and the other is six months old.
  • Hill-Side Bandana: Never without one in my back pocket. So many uses I can’t even begin to list ’em.




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The Hill-Side

I’m sure most of you know of The Hill-Side by now. They handmake pocket squares/bandanas/ties out of creative fabrics and produce their whole line right in New York. I’ve been keeping a chambray bandana in my back pocket for about a year now – it looks rad, and can be worn in a bunch of different ways. Due to the horrible weather I am blessed with every single day of my life here in Florida, I tend to sweat a lot. It’s kept me looking somewhat presentable, and I’m thankful for that. The new line of Hill-Side accessories just came out a few months ago and I decided to pick up the indigo floral bandana for my lovely girlfriend. Not because she sweats, but because its got a really awesome floral pattern thats printed using a discharge method onto a rich indigo dyed fabric. This will definitely age well and look color the more its used & washed. Thanks Michael Andersen at The Woodlands for helping me track this down – it’s pretty much sold out everywhere.


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