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I enjoy talking with like-minded individuals – so if you have any questions/comments/criticism – I would love to hear them.

I am also open to working with companies that value domestic production, and extraordinary quality in their products, whatever kind they may be. If you think we could work on something great together – please feel free to e-mail me.

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74 responses to “contact me

  1. Travis

    Hey man love the blog, got a question for you about a product though. Maybe you have or know someone who has experience with these? Look pretty sold and are USA made but I cant really find any other views or info other than what is provided.


    • Travis,

      The Duluth Contractor oxfords are great. They actually have Thorogood manufacture the boot for them, and they make one hell of a boot. I know that Shop Wharf carries them and the owner really digs them. I haven’t seen them in person, but I have pondered over buying them for awhile until I got my Red Wing work oxfords, now I have no need for ’em. Wharf has free returns if you’re not happy with them, and free shipping – so if you want to give them a try, at least if you hate them you can return them. He has a bunch of sizes left here:

      Thanks for the support & for taking time out of your day.

      • Travis

        Appreciate the advice. Wharf didn’t carry my size so I looked elsewhere and decided to step up my fall/winter gear and got the 8″ boot and I couldn’t be happier. As mentioned before I’m a big fan of the blog, keep up the solid work.


  2. R Rueda

    Love your blog. Need help (if possible). Have my eye on a pair of 1947 Levi’s LVC 501XX. Do you know which mill these come from and are they 11 or 14oz denim?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Solomon Hardy

    Hey I was wondering if you know of any great canvas book bags. I was looking at the Wanderer by Duluth Pack but before I spend the money I wanted to see if you of any cheaper or better brands.

  4. Eric

    Love your site – want to know your top 5 brands. Thanks and keep up the articles – love checking them out.

  5. Brian

    This blog seriously makes my day better. Keep up the great work!!!

  6. patrick

    What great clothes on your blog. I am very happy to have found it. Can you please tell me the make of the ladies blouse worn on your June 14 posting featuring the RRL Jeans and Stratford work jacket?
    Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts,

  7. Patrick

    Thank you, my wife liked it, I liked the denim!

  8. Ethan West

    How often do you wear your Wolverine 1000 mile boots and what do you think of them? I”m debating on whether or not to buy a pair. I feel like such a traitor not buying Red Wings.

    • Ethan,

      I wear them quite a bit. They’re more of my dress boots, so they don’t get worn everyday due to my Redwings already holding that spot (and they’re already beat up!) The chromexcel of the 1000 Miles makes me worry about wearing them to work and such, as I want to keep them looking sharp for as long as I can. They’re also more fitting when worn with slimmer fitting button ups/pants – which I don’t wear too much of.

      Hope that helps, they are a phenomenal pair of boots and I would highly recommend ’em if you wear a more tapered look than I do.

  9. I would like to subscribe to this blog but don’t see anywhere to do it. Great stuff!


  10. confessionsofadumbblonde

    I absolutely love your photographs, they’re just gorgeous!

  11. What color laces do you have on your mock toe Red Wing boots? And where did you get them? I can’t afford Red Wings but i did buy some Thorogood mock toes and i hope to make them resemble red wings. Also, I really like the pictures of what you wore that day. I’m always telling my girlfriend that “I want to dress like this guy!” Great site, keep up the good work.

    • Kevin,

      Thorogood makes an amazing boot – I hope you enjoy them. I just bought oak colored rawhide laces from my local cobbler for $4. I really appreciate the compliment man, that’s awesome. It’s not hard, I don’t do anything special – just save up for nice stuff and it’ll pay off.


  12. Donna

    Hey Ryan- Love the blog. Your images afford the viewer a tactile experience. I can smell the leather and feel the flannel in your photos, and it’s a wonderful experience.

    I am a farmer and have been wearing Red Wing 953’s (6 inch) for about 10 years. I buy a pair every 1 1/2 years. I wear them three seasons out of the year, except for the dead of winter when the soles are way too slick. I wear Muck Boots during the snow season. I am considering trying out a pair of 8105 (moc toe oxfords that you wear) for summer / fall farming. I make a lot of hay during the summer and have been looking for a shoe instead of a boot. Red Wings are quite expensive, but they really hold up (especially to the hazards of farm life) and are INSANELY comfortable.

    I love the products in your blog and use many of them. I am quite impressed with the leather goods from the shop in Portland. I will be ordering from them in the near future.

    Thank you so much for your blog!

    • Donna,

      I really appreciate that compliment – that is what I am going for. I based the blog off of being easy to look at, and not that much to read. Really glad you dig it.

      I would love to see photos of your 953’s, I’m sure they look amazing with that much wear! It is so awesome to see people actually wearing Redwings for real work. You definitely pay for what you get, and you get a mighty fine product. I am so glad you enjoy simple threads and I hope you’ll keep checking back. I try to pay homage to all of the awesome brands out there doing cool stuff.

  13. Hey there. Today I was at my local farm store and found some Round House brand overalls for 22 bucks. They are completely made in the USA (denim, snaps, zippers) like Pointer Brand (they seem very similar.) I was curious if you’d heard of the brand. It seems they are undergoing a resurgence in popularity, but I’m not finding much sign of that online. They have even created specific clothing for the Japanese market as seen in this youtube video: and here’s a recent ‘tour’ video of the factory:

    I just wanted to share since I hadn’t seen much anywhere else. Most likely because I doubt most people would be caught dead wearing overalls. As a hybrid city hick from Iowa though, I have always owned overalls and wear them. Now it’s time to ditch my Bangladesh made Key overalls and replace them with Round House ones. If people are curious, they run about a size small so I have bought 34″ waist whereas I’m a 32″ waist in jeans. I tried them on in person, which is why that happened. I have to say, they’re the best overalls I own. The front pocket is huge and functional. The bottoms of them are nearly identical to the old USA made KEY dungaree pants I had years ago. Good stuff, and dirt cheap. They sell both a denim and duck shop apron at the same farm store for $11.99.

  14. soler

    Hello there, My name is Damian and I live in childhood.
    I contacted you because I love the American style and more particularly yours!
    ie brands unknown to the general public (but the best:))
    I am trying to buy rare coins, a few site that you are delivered in France?
    or plans very nice?
    I have trouble finding my red wings in 46 (47 in vans while 46 Redwings?)

    See you soon, and long life to your blog!

  15. Al

    Hi there, are to able to tell me who makes the watch in this photo (the green / khaki one):

    Great site.

  16. Al

    Amazing, thank you!!!

    You blog is rocking my world!

  17. Stewart

    Enjoy the blog…I purchased a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots but they were alittle too dressy and light for my area of the world. I found out that Chippewa still makes some of their boots here in the US and bought the 6″ Apache which was more substantial at about half the price.

  18. I don’t know of you have experienced this but a month after putting mink oil on my boots they have developed a dark muddy waxy layer on them, I assume it’s from dirt sticking to the oil. Now my boots have a this muddy dark color instead of a rich brown. My question is, how do I take that waxy layer off of my boots so I can get that rich color back. Love the site, keep posting those pictures.

  19. Suzy Barrera

    I love your posts about the Red Wing Heritage and Wolverine 1,000 Mile boots! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a women’s version for either (Wolverine had one, but it’s sold out everywhere I have looked) and my feet are too small for the mens. Have you run across any other brands that have something similar for women? Thanks!

    • Suzy,

      I know how difficult tracking shoes down for ladies can be. I always help my girlfriend try and find a pair of nice boots, we actually went with the Redwing 879 (the 8″ Muleskinner moc-toes) – but if you are looking for something more dressy, Leffot in NYC carries the Wolverine 1,000 Mile for ladies. Give them a call: (212) 989-4577

  20. LV

    Your attention to quality and simplicity are wonderful. I was wondering if you, as a bearded individual, could direct me towards a nice beard/moustache grooming kit- anything that basically has a brush, comb, scissors, maybe some wax- in a nice box/case/pouch. trying to find a really well put together one to give to my boyfriend. obviously google doesn’t take you to the kind of aesthetic I’m looking for, but I thought maybe you could help.

  21. Carlos Mason

    Hello, I was wondering do you know when and where is the next pop up fle. Thanks

  22. Just found your blog today and it goes on forever it like a 5 star book, I truly appreciate you knowledge of clothing and brands, oh and what camera do you use its amazing.

  23. Florian

    I really love your blog, it feels good to read someone talking about quality products.
    I was wondering, do you know a brand which make good henley shirts, (preferably short sleeves, something quite like the one in the movie “drive” if you’ve seen it) ?


  24. Steve

    this is one of the best blog i’ve seen!!!!!
    Also,i’ve sent a e-mail to “” for some buying requirements…!!
    pls let me know if there’s any question!

  25. I love your site, I have been reading for months now. When I first decided to buy all American I only found tacky websites. I was convinced that I needed to start my own tasteful blog about buying American. That’s when I found your awesome site. I was so happy that I wasn’t alone. Your site is just what I wanted to do so I gave up on starting my own blog. After months of being inspired by your site I couldn’t hold back my urge to start a blog, so I did. The more people that can be inspired the better.


  26. Edwin


    I stumbled upon your blog and I really love some of the stuff you have posted on your site. I have a more personal question regarding your red wing oxford 8103. They look amazing and I am really on the cusp of buying them, but I am a huge stickler for comfort. Do you have find yourself having problems with your feet at all? I live in boston and need something that would keep me on my feet all day. Do you add insoles to your boots? I also liked Duluth Contractor oxfords, but thought the red wings looked slightly cooler.


    • Edwin,

      My Red Wing work oxfords are great, I do think that the sizing on them tends to run a bit larger than other Red Wing models – but this may be due to the fact they’re a lower profile shoe. I went with my normal size (10.5) in them, and I did have to buy insoles to make them comfortable. I bought the Red Wings arch support insoles from my local Red Wing store and that made a world of a difference in their comfort. I would definitely recommend trying them on, or just go with your regular size and add an insole into them.

      PS: I also started putting the insoles in whichever Red Wings I was wearing that day, because they really helped my bad arches. So using insoles is really a good idea to begin with.

      I hope this helps.

  27. Nick


    Firstly your blog is very nice. I’m from the UK and have a big appreciation for Red Wing boots and what we call the urban rambler style.
    I’m holidaying in Orlando in July/ August and was wondering if you could recommend any stores I should visit?


    • Nick,

      There is not much in Florida in that aspect I’m afraid. You may want to get in touch with Makr Carry Goods and see if you could visit their studio. Hit me up when you’re down here, I could treck out to Orlando for a day.


  28. Maurice

    Hey bro,

    I just got my first pair of Red wings (1907’s). What do you think I should do as far as treating the leather? Should I use mink oil???


  29. David

    Hey man. I was wondering if you’ve seen this yet.

    It’s pretty demeaning and the dude who runs the blog doesn’t seem to appreciate the fact that some people like the aesthetics and character of work boots. I dunno. Thought you’d like to know is all.

    Keep up the good work though. For everyone one dude with a vendetta against using something for anything other than it’s original purpose, there’s a hundred who appreciate innovation and creativity.

    • Hey man thanks for sharing, I get hate mail on the daily and it just amuses me on a serious level. I actually am just about due for a resole on my Red Wings, so I guess I’m using them how they’re meant to be used!

  30. jeffreyschu

    Hey there, I’m really enjoying the blog. Wanted to check with you what kind of hat you are wearing in the most recent post? Also, I saw someone wearing a nice brown leather jacket over a hoody in the NYC subway last night and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Do you have any suggestions or favorites in this department? Thanks for the great blog.

    • Perfecto by Schott has some amazing offerings for leather jackets. I would start there. I think the cap I am wearing is a simple threads x ebbet’s field! Which post are you referring to?!

      • jeffreyschu

        thanks for the reference. Was looking at the one that was grey with the red bill, but after dgging deeper in past posts, I think its your old ebbets release. Really great stuff. Thanks man.

  31. Jason

    Hey Ryan, I’m planning a trip to NY and would love any advice on cool places (clothing, acces.) to check out. I’m into similar stuff as you, so if you have any cool places to suggest, I’d like to know.

  32. Nicholas

    Hi Ryan, I was looking around for a pair of red wing oxfords and unfortunately the site that I use to buy my red wings ran out in the size I wanted them in. I need your opinion on whether I can get size 9US for Red Wings 212 Oxblood Oxfords or take size 10US and put insoles in for the Red Wing 8105 Maize Suede oxfords? I wear a size 9.5US in the 875’s. Hope I can get your opinion on this because some people say oxfords run small and some say they run big compared to boots. Thank you!

  33. I was wondering what is you opinion on the Tellason Indigo Coverall Jacket? Do you have one and what size? They don’t have any measurements on the site so I would like something to go by. Thanks.

    • Matt,

      I own the jacket in XL and it fits pretty true to size. I’d say the only area where I’m saying it may be a tad smaller is in the shoulders. But since it is denim it will stretch with use. Really a nice jacket that will look great after some hard wear.

  34. I was wondering what is your opinion on the Tellason Indigo Coverall Jacket. They don’t have measurements on the site so I have nothing to go by. How does it fit, etc? Thanks.

  35. carlos

    Do you know when the next pop-up flea market is? What Month and the date would be great! Thanks Carlos

  36. carlos

    Hello again , Can you buy stuff at the pop-up flea market. Carlos

  37. Greg

    Hey there, I started to really enjoy reading your blog and you stopped posting. Please begin posting again! Thanks.

  38. Hey man, Your Blog on the Levi’s & Pendleton Trucker Jacket hepled me out tons! Im just curious were you were able to purchase it from…i’ve looked almost everywhere but no luck.

  39. Chase

    Hey Ryan, love your site and ethics about garments. I was wondering where you hear about the sales on your favorite brands like EG and Post o’Alls? I always seem to be too late.

  40. Matt

    Enjoy the site! Was wondering if your suede leather red wings hold up as well as your oil tanned leather red wins? Thanks.

  41. Hey Ryan. Thanks for the brilliant posts and great inspiration! Always a highlight to get your emails and see what you’ve been wearing.

    I’m been on the lookout for someone in the UK doing what you do so well, but haven’t found them yet. I’m making my own denim, canvas and leather goods in London, and would love someone really passionate to help “road-test” them and get the word out. If you happen to know of the ideal guy over here, please email or message me through my contact page at

    Thanks again for supporting locally made!!

  42. Chris

    Hello! First of all, awesome site. Really interesting posts with a style that I can thoroughly dig.

    I wanted to ask, where do you get your socks? Those blend thick ones I see in a few of your posts, thanks!

  43. Jacob

    Ryan, thanks for continuing the blog. Really enjoy it. Keep it up!

  44. Seea

    Hi mate, really like your blog and your outlook on clothing, lifestyle etc rather than purely fashion….(which shamefully I sometimes lose perspective on!).

    I wanted to ask you re watches. I think you may have one but wanted to check because I like this particular watch and wanted your view. I like the citizen nighthawk (I think Daiki also has one). What are your thoughts on it?

    Hope you keep maintaining the blog!


    • Hey man,

      Sorry for the late reply. I love my Nightwatch, but it is rather big and I find myself going to my Android watch at this point (I know, how lame!)

      Daiki does typically wear a Nighthawk, but the silver one – which I wish I would of got instead.

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