“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

We got a five minute break in the rain to snap some photos. I love this NyCo Field Parka (SS12), it keeps me fairly dry in these Florida summers (it rains almost daily), the fabric has been wearing in nicely, it’s lightweight enough to pack up and throw into a small bag, and the inside stitching makes it fun to wear inside out. The BDU pants are SS16, chambray work shirt is FW14, and the hat is from SS15. In a strange way, I like the chaos that all the different shades of blue create. To me, this is one of those looks that show just how timeless EG is. The seasons definitely change, and there are always some stand out fabrics that are a little too bold for me, but the basics always look great together. Season after season. In this whole “fast fashion” bullshit, this is welcomed by me, and I know by many of you all.


“I want people to have fun when they’re wearing Engineered Garments. I want them to take part in this world I’ve created. I think with most fashion brands, you pay a lot of money and then you have this ready-made outfit and it’ll definitely look good because it’s expensive and well made. But with Engineered Garments, I don’t want the clothes to look perfect immediately. I think people should have to put some work into it. I think it should only look really good if the clothes match your taste, and you bring something of yourself to it. I think of Engineered Garments as clothing for people who are really into clothing.”

-Daiki Suzuki

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“Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.”

Over the past two or three years, I’ve drifted away from this materialistic approach that the whole menswear blogging scene sort of sent me and many others into. I still love clothes, I guess I should say that I still love EG. The aesthetic, and the ethos of the brand is what has kept me interested for the past 7 years. Daiki has said many times that Engineered Garments is more a lifestyle than just simply clothing, and I think that is accurate. I wanted to build a wardrobe that would go well together without having to think about what I wore everyday, I know that seems lazy but that is what I wanted. Seeing the evolution of the fabric through wear and wash has always intrigued me and adds to the character of our garments. The work shirt here was the first piece of EG I ever bought, 7 years ago and I still wear it today. Yea, it’s seen better days, and it’s patched up in about 19 different places but it has a story. There is beauty in that. Little by little I’ve built up a really solid collection of clothes that I enjoy wearing everyday, whether to the office or to go camping. I don’t care if they get dirty, beat up, or even ripped (as long as it’s patchable).








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“Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that’s how we’ve got to live.”

“Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that’s how we’ve got to live.”

Getting acquainted to living Tampa. It’s taken two years and a lot of ups + downs + lost friendships + Engineered Garments + EG Workaday + Shoes Like Pottery + Japanese Indigo Homespun. Thanks Chris for the rad film shots.







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June down South

“Of course life frightens me sometimes. I don’t happen to take that as the premise for everything else though. I’m going to give it hundred percent and go as far as I can. I’ll take what I want and leave what I don’t want. That’s how I intend to live my life, and if things go bad, I’ll stop and reconsider at that point. If you think about it, an unfair society is a society that makes it possible for you to exploit your abilities to the limit.”

We just can’t seem to shake this rain down here. A week straight of thunderstorms can dampen even the most cheerful soul. Anyways, here’s some shots from this week.



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Slow down.

We skipped town this weekend, it felt good.































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Not much to say. I finally was able to take a day off during the week and it felt good. Long car rides and some rad photos. This Ricoh GR has been in my hand everyday, and I’m super happy with the photos I’m getting from it. My friends and I have been training for our Summer Solstice ride in June, which is a 50 mile adventure bike ride up to a small piece of property on the river. We’ve been cleaning the property of some serious Florida overgrowth (hence the gnarly poison ivy photo) and everyone is really excited to get away. I’ll be shooting the ride, the camp out, and then the ride home. It’s going to be a blast, and if you’re in the Tampa area and want to ride with us – let me know.


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Feel No Ways

A lot can change in a year. My daughter just turned two, and I’m rebuilding myself from the ground up. I feel like I keep coming back to this and then falling off again, and I think it’s because I need to make it about whats relevant in my life. I still love Engineered Garments and everything from Japan, but I’ve realized I want people to know more about me than just material things. I think this can still serve that same purpose, the name may not fit as well but I’m far too stretched on time to start something new. Simple Threads is going to be made up of the thousands of threads that hold my life together and ground me. My daughter, my friends, and all of the other things that make me happy (Engineered Garments included).























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