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In Detail – 8/28/2012

It’s been far too long, and I’m sorry. Thanks everyone for giving me a hard time about not posting, it’s sort of given me some motivation to go back at it. Shout out to Shane for helping me get these Workaday Corduroys for a steal, I’m really digging the quality and fit of them. I have an obsession with chambray, so I picked up an older season Engineered Garments Miner Shirt to sort of give me another shirt in rotation for when my chambray work shirt is waiting to be washed. The fit is pretty similar and the details are completely different. Reinforced elbow all the way down to the cuff, tons of pocket space, and a chin strap button. Sawtooth stitching on the collar as well. The vest is a Post O’alls Royal Cruzer vest, which needs no words.



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Imogene + Willie Plus Cap

I’m not into sports whatsoever, so the idea of wearing a team cap seems rather silly. I was trying to find a hat I could wear during the more miserable months here in Florida that wasn’t associated with a team. Imogene + Willie are known for their wonderful selvedge denim, which is why for this cap they collaborated with the experts over at Ebbet’s Field Flannels – a company that since 1988 has been creating vintage inspired apparel & ballcaps for just about every team that has ever existed. All made with pride in the USA in their Seattle factory. An indigo colored wool with the infamous plus sign logo keep this cap extremely simple – exactly what I was looking for.

I would strongly encourage watching this short film of the Imogene + Willie story.


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