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In Detail – 9/5/2012



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In Detail – 7/13/2012

It’s really good to be back. A long move, and a very busy work schedule have kept me away for far too long. Thanks for sticking around and continuing to read & write me. Summer is 100% here, yet I continue to find myself in these Left Field trousers. At first, a herringbone pattern on pants sort of weirded me out due to the vertical stripes, but now I’ve grown to really dig them. Brushed flannel Engineered Garments work shirt and the good ol’ RW 8131’s. Summer or not, these are just to comfortable to take off.


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This Week – Vol. 1

This 5D has been wonderful. I’m still learning how to use it and take the best photos, but I’m going to start posting some snaps I took throughout the week on here. It’s been a busy week with work, and also getting everything lined up for the next run of Ebbets’ caps. They’ll be in production next week, and ready to ship out in about five weeks after that. I felt really bad that I ran out of a lot of sizes last time, so if you want sizes that are smaller than 7 1/8 or larger than 7 5/8 – please let me know! I’ll get your size made for you. Have an awesome weekend, and hopefully this sparks some inspiration.



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What I’m Wearing – 1/17/2012

As the winter (well, the Florida winter) weather starts coming in, layering is actually an option. I’m stoked on this, and I really haven’t went a day without wearing this Post O’alls vest.

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Vest: Post Overalls Cruzer

Shirt: Woolrich Woolen Mills

Pants: Left Field NYC Wheat Canvas Chinos

Boots: Redwing 8881


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Left Field NYC Herringbone Chinos

I definitely have a strong sense of brand loyalty, especially when a brand is as well deserving as Left Field. Christian, the one man army behind LF is consistently producing great quality and great fitting pants, as well tons of other garments ranging from work shirts to crew necks. These Herringbone chinos are another grand slam, and definitely something different from his usually choice of fabrics. Constructed from durable Japanese Herringbone twill that will definitely wear well wash after wash. Left Field never disappoints with the details: chain stitched waist band, corozo nut button fly, buttoned back welt pockets, and light indigo chambray pocket linings. Of course, these are made with pride in the USA (Los Angeles to be exact). This is my third pair of Left Field pants, and there’s a good reason for that. These are available over at the Left Field shop.


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What I’m Wearing – 12/13/2011

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Jacket: Woolrich Woolen Mools Khaki Sateen Parka

Vest: Post Overalls Cruzer

Shirt: Engineered Garments Work Shirt

Pants: Left Field NYC Ducks

Boots: Redwing 8131 Moc-Toe


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Winter Wish List Pt. 2

Oh, these are so much fun! I’ve recently been told I have an obsession with indigo and I think it’s true… anyways. Here’s a few more things I’d love to get my hands on after the holiday season is over with.

Cascadia Knit for Woodlands Supply Co. Knit Cap – $15.00

Apolis Activism Indigo Wool Chore Coat – $286.00

The Hill-Side Indigo Scarf – $80

Hamilton 1883 Duck Camo Button Down – $225

Left Field Duck Canvas Work Pants – $150

Fox River Norwegian Long Socks – $12

Russel Moccasin Multi-Combo Country Mocs – $?

Levis x Filson Denim Tote – $150

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