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This Week – Vol. 4

Some clicks I’ve taken in the last week or so. New OD Zulu band for my Nighthawk, Yuketen Country Rangers, blooming Dendrobium hybrid, Corter keyhook and ring + hook bracelet, last but not least some indigo chipping off Post O’alls denim.






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Post O’all Blues

I’m wearing two different pairs of Post O’alls denim at the moment. The first pair (these guys) are being washed once a month or so, and the second pair are not being washed at all. Just seeing how different they both wear. These are a lightweight 12-13oz Cone Mills natural line selvedge denim that have been perfect for the south around this time of year. The signature Post “O” embroidery is my favorite. The custom hardware isn’t bad either, though. Thanks for keeping it simple, Takeshi.

If you haven’t already checked out Mr. Ohfuchi’s blog, please do so here.

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New Balance 998 Daytripper

Although I am always out of the loop on sneaker releases, I saw these via Cork-Grips and was really stoked to see some USA made 998’s. A simple color way made up of two shades of grey with some orange to keep it interesting Not only are these super comfortable, but they work well with the stuff I wear everyday. If you’re looking for a well made, simple, American made sneaker – these are a pretty good place to start. The whole Daytripper collection has sold out rather quickly, but Need Supply Co. has a few of this color way still in stock if you dig ’em.

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Daily Necessities: 06/03/2013

This stuff has been with or on me almost everyday. The Engineered Garments sling bag was something we picked up at Nepenthes in 2010 and although it is probably the most affordable piece Daiki has ever produced, ringing in at $24 dollars, it’s also one of the most useful ones. The EG corduroy bucket hat is something I finally managed to track down from Japan, and it just goes with everything I wear. Last but definitely not least, my FW09 workshirt is starting to really show signs of wear and tear, but the fabric looks beautiful so I figured I’d share. It’ll soon be patched up like this one.

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What I’m Wearing – 3/2/2013

So, we’ve had some pretty enjoyable weather and I thought I’d share some fits for the last few days. Mostly to just say how much I love Daiki Suzuki era Woolrich Woolen Mills, but anyways. I have to say that the two pieces I own (thanks to 70-80% off sales) from McNairy’s work over at WWM are really nice. They fit is more refined, which I don’t care much for, and the rise of the pants is WAY lower – but it still feels the same construction wise and fabric selection. Details of the individual pieces are:

Top: Columbia Knit OD 100% cotton beanie, FW12 WWM Orvis shirt in blue chambray, FW09 WWM Coated Ripstop Field Jacket, Workaday fatigues in reverse sateen, New England Outerwear 3/4 Boot.

Botton: Columbia Knit OD 100% cotton beanie, FW10 WWM Parka Olive Ripstop, FW12 WWM Cargos in High Count Twill, FW12 Engineered Garments Workshirt in blue chambray, New England Outerwear 3/4 Boot.




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The Fieldsman Boot

So, I couldn’t go the whole trip without doing some photos of my favorite New England Outerwear model, the Fieldsman Boot in oxblood chromexcel. We were visiting an old granite quarry, and I decided to bring a pair along to snap some photos of since the scenery seemed so fitting. Enjoy the photos, and keep a close eye out for what’s coming next.

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New England Outerwear

So, I’ve been in Boston for almost a week spending some time with a new company making hand sewn footwear in Maine. The company is named New England Outerwear. Currently they’re making hand sewn footwear in their own factory,  and I’m extremely excited to announce that I will be working with them on doing an apparel line that is 100% made in New England. I started Simple Threads with the goal of doing a field/workwear inspired apparel line, and this could not be a better fit. But more on that later…

We left early so that we could trek up to Maine on a Saturday morning to work on some new Fall/Winter ’13 samples and do some photos of the factory for Simple Threads. I could feel the temperature dropping quickly the farther we drove from Rockport. Slowly but surely, the farther North we traveled, the snow began to cover every inch of the landscape and created a uniform of endless white powder  along a road that seemed to go on forever. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and I can’t help but wonder what it will look like in the Spring.

After three hours piled in a Subaru Outback, we were finally there there. Well, the second I did, the 20 degree temperature change and the falling snow really shook my bones. I realized just how far from home I actually was. Trekking through the snow to an old two story house with no address numbers in sight, I heard the buzzing of a sewing machine and faint sound laughter. The woman sitting at the Singer is Michelle, and she is one hell of a sewer. She is sewing in the leather liner, which is the only machine sewing technique used on New England Outerwear’s shoes. Honestly, the machine is a foot driven Singer single stitch that looked incredibly hard to use, so I really consider this hand sewn as well.

I watched Michelle work on a few pairs of shoes, and was amazed at how she can sew two parallel single stitches and have them look absolutely perfect. I guess thats what 25+ years of hand sewing experience will do for you. Everyone was extremely welcoming and we had a really great time seeing how much work goes into hand sewn footwear. So without anymore boring text, here is a ton of photos that should give you a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes of New England Outerwear.


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