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Levi’s & Pendleton Trucker Jacket

I’ll take a late pass on this one, but it’s still worth mentioning, and picking up if you can find it in your size. November of last year, Levi’s released a collaboration with Pendleton. The collection consisted of some traditional Levi’s garments that were slimmed down, and made a little more interesting by some creative use of Pendleton fabric. I had been in the market for a denim jacket that was made here, had a good fit, and a slight ‘worn in’ look. The construction of this jacket is top notch. Most of the stitching throughout is chain stitched, bar tacks on the waist pockets, hand-set rivets on the sleeves, antiqued buttons, and a lightweight denim that can be worn all year round – in most places. The fit is on the slim side, so I sized up one and it fits perfect.  I’m not even sure if these are available anymore, but here’s some pictures anyway.

PS: Does anyone know where they sourced the denim from? It feels like Cone, but I wanted a solid answer.


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