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In Detail – 7/19/2012

I never really thought of my blog as a fashion blog, and the more and more I continue forward with Simple Threads, the more I realize that it isn’t. It’s just a photographic journal of well made American clothing from some amazing brands with rich history. I’m not by any means fashionable, and I honestly am fine with that. I just like to share the wear & tear of the stuff I own. To show everyone else why it’s worth the extra money for nice stuff.


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What I’m Wearing – 1/17/2012

As the winter (well, the Florida winter) weather starts coming in, layering is actually an option. I’m stoked on this, and I really haven’t went a day without wearing this Post O’alls vest.

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Vest: Post Overalls Cruzer

Shirt: Woolrich Woolen Mills

Pants: Left Field NYC Wheat Canvas Chinos

Boots: Redwing 8881


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What I’m Wearing – 12/18/2011

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Shirt: Engineered Garments Workshirt – Multi Plaid

Jacket: Engineered Garments Fireman Coat – Blue Corduroy

Jeans: Tellason Ankara – 14.75oz @ 5 months

Shoes: Redwing 8105 Work Oxford


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Redwing 879

After seeing these in person, it’s tempting to pick up another pair in my size – rather than a size 6. I really didn’t have many options when picking out a pair of Redwings for my fiance – so I went with these Redwing 879’s. These are the 8″ version of the Moc-toe’s that you usually see me wearing on Simple Threads. Crafted in a rough-out Hawthorne Muleskinner leather, which is actually the most water repellant leather that Redwings offers. I’m sure it will be a week or so before these take on serious indigo stains. As to be expected from a pair of Redwings: Goodyear welted, Traction Tred crepe sole, durable triple-stitch construction, and of course: Made in the USA.


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What I’m Wearing – 11/25/11

Hat: Filson

Shirt: Engineered Garments Workshirt

Pants: Tellason Ankara Straight Fits

Boots: Redwing 8131 Moc-Toe


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What I’m Wearing – 10/10/11

Knit: Columbia Knit for The Woodlands

Shirt: Engineered Garments Binocular Shirt

Jeans: Tellason Ankara Straight

Boots: Redwing 875 Moc-toe

Bag: Filson Zipper Tote


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