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Post O’all Blues

I’m wearing two different pairs of Post O’alls denim at the moment. The first pair (these guys) are being washed once a month or so, and the second pair are not being washed at all. Just seeing how different they both wear. These are a lightweight 12-13oz Cone Mills natural line selvedge denim that have been perfect for the south around this time of year. The signature Post “O” embroidery is my favorite. The custom hardware isn’t bad either, though. Thanks for keeping it simple, Takeshi.

If you haven’t already checked out Mr. Ohfuchi’s blog, please do so here.

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In Detail – 9/5/2012



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Left Field NYC Natural Selvedge Duck Chinos

When I think of duck canvas, I think of my grandfather always wearing these Carhartt double knee’d loggers s for work. He’d wear them to hell and back before they gave way and he had to replace them. That’s the beauty of duck canvas, it’s tough as nails and perfect for a pair of pants you can beat up or dress up. This duck is quite special though, a limited make up from the historic Cone Mills of Greensboro, NC. Natural selvedge duck canvas that has cotton seeds woven into the fabric. The weight and feel of these is similar to a pair of raw denim, but with better breathability. The fabric is 12oz’s, and will definitely soften up after some wear. I haven’t got to start wearing mine yet, as I had to keep them clean for a wedding I was attending… but now that has come and gone, so I can start breaking them in.

As with all of Left Field’s trousers, these are made extremely well in a small factory in San Fransisco. Bar-tacking at stress points, corozo nut buttons, chambray pocket bags, and a chain-stitched waist band. These details may go unnoticed by a lot of people, but it’s what makes these wear the way they do, and last the way they do. Since I’ve started simple threads I’ve developed such a respect for the craftsmanship that goes into making something, even if it is “just a pair of pants.”

Available at the Left Field online shop. Tons of photos, tried my best to capture the fabric itself.


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In Detail – 2/15/2012

There’s just some brands that work so well together, and Post Overalls and Engineered Garments always works. I think it’s more so the sizing matching up properly since both Daiki and Takeshi design their garments rather unfitting. Since I’ve been back from New York I just can’t go two days without throwing the Post vest on. I’m giving my Tellasons a breather and starting to break in these Rogue Territory Stantons, done up in 15oz Cone Mills red-line denim.



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RRL “Lewis” Engineer Jacket

I was glad to finally be able to give this to the lady for the holidays! A reproduction of an old denim Engineer jacket with awesome details done up by RRL. Constructed out of what seems to be Cone Mills denim, with numerous fabric repairs that our patched with contrasting denim. Non-visible blue-line selvedge details on the inner placket & pockets. Reinforced canvas lining on all of the pockets, and a really awesome side-entry pocket watch pocket. Since this is a women’s jacket, they used a pink thread for the bar-tracking and chain stitching. A really nice vintage inspired piece, made in San Francisco and dead-on accurate. The repairs at the arm openings hint that it got caught in machinery and ripped.



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Something Different: Pennsylvania

Sorry for going MIA – a four-day trip to the Steel City was definitely needed. We don’t have a change of seasons down here, so my girl and I headed north to see it first hand. We spent most of our time in the mountains, but I did make a trip to the city to meet up with Jace of Plain T-Shirt and have him show us around. Here’s some snaps of the trip. Until next time, Pennsylvania. Enjoy.



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Daily Necessities: The Hill-Side Bandanna & Corter Brewster Wallet

I’m not sure why I like to carry so much stuff around in my pockets, and I’m not really sure why it’s necessary to have a selvedge bandanna… but that’s besides the point.

I carry around a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis, and I used to lose a lot of stuff on a daily basis. Wether it be from falling out of my pocket, or just being left somewhere. Well, that’s all changed, thanks to this Corter Brewster Wallet. It’s the perfect size to keep most of my every day items in. It’s currently storing a security card for work, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Compact Flash cards, a thumb drive, and an Indian Head penny that my great Grandmother gave to me. Honestly, it helps me not forget these things when I’m out and about, and it stays in my back pocket so it’s never left at home.

I keep my outfits pretty plain for the most part, so I rely on accessories and my beard to keep things interesting. I’m really happy I picked up a The Hill-Side Chambray bandanna. First off, I love everything selvedge, and it’s come in handy multiple times as a number of things: a napkin, defense mechanism for Florida’s summers, a towel for my iPhone, and even a make-shift bottle opener. This will be riding in my back pocket for the long run.

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