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Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boot

I won’t bore you with paragraphs of history behind what makes Wolverine, well, Wolverine.  Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet – if you want history, click here. If you do not care, and just want to see pictures of some awesome boots – scroll down. My good friend Steve Musha has been breaking in a pair of 1,000 Miles for a year now, and I wanted some pictures of them. They still look as good as new, and they’re holding up extremely well even after being worn daily. These started out as the “Rust” color so you can see that the sunlight has really brightened them up. They have been treated a few times with boot oil to keep the Florida sun rays from drying out the leather. I’ll have more photos up once I have access to Lightroom again, but for now I hope these will suffice.


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