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Three Years Later: Corter Utility Belt

It’s been somewhere around three years that I’ve been wearing this belt everyday. One of the first American made pieces I picked up that really made me realize that you truly get what you pay for. Starting out as natural vegetable tanned leather, it has darkened and developed some really nice patina. I snapped these just to share with Eric, but figured I’d share ’em here. Looking back at where he was when I purchased this belt from him, it’s really amazing to see how he’s expanded Corter Leather. It definitely shows that guys (and gals) are more interested in quality over quantity.  Keep up the good work Eric!


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Truman Hand Crafted Journal Cover

Awhile back I stumbled on Truman Hand Crafted, the idea behind one of my favorite bloggers – Teppei Teranishi of Newgrass. He delved into leatherworking as a hobby, and has just recently started selling his wares. I have been storing my notebook in my back pocket for far too long and saw that he had a beautifully designed journal cover that was exactly what I had been looking for.

The cover is made from an 6 oz vegetable tanned leather with the majority of it being cut from a single piece of leather. The tab closure has a pen/pencil holder stitched onto it to ensure you’re never without one. Handset copper rivets secure the journal cover to protect your valuable (or invaluable) notes. Hand stitched throughout, with waxed and burnished edges – you know that no corners were cut in making these.

These are available over at the Truman shop, along with some other fine pieces. These are made to order, but the turn around time is fairly quick.


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Tanner Goods Custom Belt

A proper sized belt has been long overdue, mainly because I love how my Corter belt looks and feels after a year and a half of everyday wear. It was necessary though. I finally hit the point where I was using the fifth hole and even then, it still wasn’t holding my pants up. I decided to try out a Tanner Goods standard belt. These belts are hand cut from 11oz vegetable tanned leather, and assembled with American sourced hardware that is branded with the TG name. The guys over at Tanner Goods even took the time to hand stamp in “SIMPLE THREADS” to the back of the belt which I totally dig, even though no one else will see it – I still know it’s there. The buckle snaps are also mix & matched; the visible hardware is nickel but the inside is brass. The pictures below show the awesome evolution that natural vegetable tanned takes on after a year plus of wear, compared to a brand new belt. Thanks again Mike & Anthony for making me this one-off belt.


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Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

I decided I wanted to try out a wallet with more space with the hopes it would help me stay more organized, keep receipts, and maybe actually force me to keep cash on me. Because, although this helps you save money, it is not very gentleman like. My main focus was finding something that would have longevity, simple stitching, a vintage silhouette, crafted in the United States, and of course: be crafted of vegetable tanned, natural toned leather. This wallet is perfect for me, it’s got a very spacious bill slot, a coin pouch that is sealed off with a heavy-duty zipper, and just enough card slots to give you enough space, but not too much to add bulk to the wallet. Crafted by the good folks over at Tanner Goods of Portland, OR. Constructed of beautiful 3/4oz English Bridle Leather to ensure longevity. This is a wallet I’ll have for many years to come.


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